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  1. #WhatHappenedToCunter

    1. Dennyb


      He got banned

    2. NMAPLE12


      Yeah I can clearly see that thanks.

  2. Iamindy33 (ban or no ban?)

  3. Iamindy33 (ban or no ban?)

    Well when he mentioned you he asked if you had a say or not regarding Indy.
  4. This has to stop...

    Yes thats exactly what you should do. And I don't get why you get angry at Hartman. (sure, he uses your name, that would aggravate me too. But it's not against the rules) But you are mad cause he is calling you gay or a fag or whatever. But you do the exact same and this makes it harder for people to take this ''issue'' seriously. And I you're definitely not helping yourself by saying that the staff doesn't care. Cause as Moon said earlier in this topic, She has tried to help you. Show some fucking respect.
  5. UU membership

    What did I do that was non-christian to deserve this?..
  6. UU membership

    I strongly disagree. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. INdyS.Vidz

    #LetIndyPlayAgain )
  8. It was my fold not his fold

    This was a dank post

    Vov4ik (fade) got banned from the website for boosting his own rep with a fake account he made where he pretended to be his own best friend or something lol
  10. What I think

    Donald Trump 2016kappa
  11. What I think

    Who let this fgt back in kappa
  12. What I think

    inb4 someone says I miss indy
  13. What I think

    Can everyone just stop fucking assuming that everyone in our friend group share the same opinion? I don't care if we use the new or old system. Do I prefer the old system? Yes. Because I enjoyed looking at everyones applications and voting yes or no. But as long as you make the right desicions I don't fucking care.