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  1. Creating your class

    What about instead of everyone can create classes people who don't pay are limited and can only use weapons from normal classes? Also, VIPs would be able to use everthing VIPs class use, same for MVP MVPs would have everything MVPs use right now. (Just to avoid "not winning $$$")
  2. The bot s

    .... i know you dont want them off but please. gosh. on a 21 player server. I have over 5 cades to be safe, and suddently ... A WILD BOT ARRIVES, SHOOTS EVERY CADE. I was on havana, wich explains the bot shooting thro cades... The bot removed all my cades to shoot from behind FFFFSSSSSTTT
  3. Banned for afk/not play obj

    Well, I've got reported for being afk/not playing object in a thread in this forums. I just wanted to say I was glitched unfortunately and could not play It took about 30 minutes to get fixed, and then I could play once again. But now Im banned -,-
  4. Some Classes Revamping Ideas

    I guess it's time to talk about this, since 1.9 has started to be tested. First of all, I think the devs should change a MVP class into VIP, since VIPs haven't got much classes... (VIPS pay 5$, MVPs 15$, so I guess it's okay if MVPs have the triple...) I would consider Scout class. And now, a free class idea: Communist Tokarev Pistol - 250 pts Faster limb recharger (about 2 or 3 seconds) - 1000 pts (Would need Limb Recharger bought) SnipeMode - 1250 pts (Perk that gives hardened pro) Kar93 - 1000 pts
  5. Hightspots glitches

    The thing, when it's too high or unlimbable, it's considered glitching, wich is agaisnt rules. Not to mention, when you jump out of those spots you may go out of the map... Results in a warning, 3 day ban and then a permanent ban. However, this is only possible with arlington or 'pts spam' cade spam...
  6. Low VIP Privelliges

    Uh, ok... By the way, how would I get that knife?
  7. Low VIP Privelliges

    First of all, yes, I do know that VIP is worth it. But there's something really bugging me after I've bought it: The Knife and the Kar93... Kar93 takes 150dmg (calculated, not sure), maybe it would be a good idea to increase it by 100 dmg... ? Because it's incredible how desert eagle itself is more powerfull than Kar93... (Example, Nuketown vehicle: Kar93 shots: 1.5 clips DesertEagle shots: 1 clip The Knife I think it should do atleast 400 dmg, since VIPs aren't awarded speedo or fast recharge, maybe a good idea to create a new knife for VIPs that takes 400 dmg, instead of 350...
  8. Knifes of the SNIFE mod in a new class

    You should totally add this class for VIPs, since they've got really limited options... @Classixz, not that I'm agaisnt your point, because I totally get it, but the non-vips/non-mvps and vips don't have much to choose. Here's two good options: 1. Transfer one or two MVP classes to Non-Vip/Non-Mvp or VIP 2. Add one new class to Non-Vip/Non-Mvp or to VIP Its totally fine if you don't accept those, but just remember that this lack of classes for Non-MVPS often makes people leave.
  9. #wherearetheadmins