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  1. If you want

    I'll be there for sure
  2. Happy birthday, AIR I Echo!

    Ayy Lmao! /kewlman
  3. Ranking Rewards System.

    So i have nothing to do while LoL is updating, so i'll just post all of my idea's UPDATED: 5/13/2014/ : Added More ideas 7/24/2014/ : Added Reward names! Added More ideas You earn tokens everytime you prestige a level. 1T = (1 Token) 2T = (2 Token) 0T = (0 Token) 1HT= (Hat Token) REWARDS: Hats (once redeemed, you can redeem another hat, doing so will refund your original hat to replace your new one.) so therefore, you will not spend more than one token on hats. New idea. Every time a player earns 50 kills in any game, but as a survivor ONLY he will be granted HALF a HAT token. (Two half tokens will become one.) *only used for hats, and no other prizes other than hats.* (EACH HAT IS 1HT) "Get Lucky" 10% out of 100 chance to spawn as a VIP for one game only "forever" 1T "Get Very Lucky" 5% out of 100 chance to spawn as a MVP for one game only "forever" 1T "Searching a Body" You're FIRST kill will be double the amount of points "forever" 1T adds 1 (one) extra point for every hit marker. ( can be purchased again to be upgraded to 2) "forever" 1T-2T "Always Accurate" Adds a grip attachment to EVERY STARTING smg/shotgun. ( can be purchased again for a red dot sight, but doing so, will remove grip.) "forever" 1T "Barricade Expert #1" The first two barricades placed will be granted 600 extra hp. Two extra hits "forever" 1T OR (can only purchase ONE of either) "Barricade Expert #2" Every barricade placed will increase its hp by 50 PER CADE stacking up to 950 "forever" 1T "Intelligent Tracker" A survivor who has purchased this unlock will have UAV for HIMSELF (if possible) for two minutes from the start of every game for the First infected only. "forever" 1T "Bullet Return" If purchased, the survivor will be granted 3 bullets (ammunition) every kill he earns, ( will not work with special weapons, example : M&S, Ray gun, RPG, China Lake, Etc.) can be purchased twice to boost the bullet return by two. 6 bullets. "forever" 1T-2T "Fire Sale" Everything in shop will be discounted by 25 points, can be purchased again to boost the discount to 50. (C4 will be discounted for 35 points) 1T-2T "forever" "Protective Start" Starts with limb protector, but upon being "hit" you will lose it and will need to repurchase it for 400 points 1T "forever" "Bandolier" Players will have max ammo at the start of spawn. 1T "forever" "Sharing IS Caring" If purchased a survivor will gain 5 points for every other survivor who has this also. (for example, 4 people have this reward, everyone in the survivor AND zombie team will gain 20 points, one person will equal 5 points for everyone. so the more people who have this, the more points you will earn. CAN BE PURCHASED IF YOU HAVE PRESTIGE'D AT LEAST 2 TIMES. 0T "Infected Sickness" If a zombie(s) walk towards a survivor, they're movement speed will be reduced by 2% "forever" 1T "Scavenger" Upon purchasing scavenger, it will appear in the perks section in the regular shop menu. 650 Points for Scavenger "forever" 1T "Ultimate Revival" If purchased, it will appear in the perk section in the shop for 1000 points. if the survivor with this perk dies, he will respawn randomly around the map, with the same loudout as you had before you were alive. You will die in one minute, or if you have been killed normally. killing will add seconds to the counter. one normal kill = 2 seconds added to the counter one knife = 3 seconds added to the counter. "forever" 1T "The Bots are Watching" One bot will be spawned if 5 people have this reward, the bot will spawn no matter how many players they're are. MUST BE PRESTIGE 5 TO UNLOCK THIS! "forever" 0T "Skilled Knifer" Upon knifing 7 zombies successfully, you will automatically earn the Bowie Knife "forever" 1T "Everything Helps!" If purchased, They will have a new perk called "Everything helps" that will cost 400 Points. This perk will grant 100 points if hit with a normal limb, and will be granted 25 points for a cade limb. "forever" 1T "BloodShed" All nearby zombies will have their screen filled with blood (similar to getting severely hurt, it will be the one where he there is a little blood, but not too little. "forever" 1T gun emblem for every gun "forever" 0T MUST PRESTIGE TWICE gun clantag for every gun "forever" 0T MUST PRESTIGE ONCE and the best idea is... RESET This will be in BOLD RED and will reset EVERYTHING from no prestige and level 1. If clicked accidentally, it will show TWO more options to make sure the user has not pressed it on accident. (This will be free, costing no token.) This should really be added, reason being is because if people run out of tokens, and they really want to try out different ones, they are able to do so if they restart everything. 0T Ways to Earn extra tokens: A message will pop up saying that you have completed a challenge and half a token. *will also show in the special shop menu. Knife specialist : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. earn 45 knife kills. (force field is allowed.) "im allowing this because i dont think that is possible to separate kills from the players actual knife, to his SOG Sniper specialist : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. earn 75 sniper kills. Any sniper is allowed. :CHALLENGE: Cold blooded Massacre Survivor : ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. get 150 kills as SURVIVOR ONLY in one game. (any weapon allowed) "reason why this is hard is because only on Nuketown is where you can exceed more than 150 kills. which is the kill limit for all maps except Nuketown). MASS INFECTION : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. Infect 12 survivors in one game. ArmStrong : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. Kill 25 Zombies with a Tomahawk only (in one game) Infection from Range : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. Infect 3 survivors with limbs. (in one game) Wrecking ball : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. (name by iamindy) Dolphin dive and break 5 windows (in any game) this is possible. if you cannot do some coding, then there is a ACTUAL mission you can do in the actual game. Lazy : HALF OF ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. Get kicked as survivor from inactivity. Marathon Runner : Run 3 miles in one game (survivor only) to be specific, run 190080 inches (the red number next to your map is how far you walked/ran by inches i think) Donator : ONE TOKEN WILL BE GRANTED IF COMPLETED. donate any amount of cash to UU, purchasing MVP/VIP will complete this quest. (people with MVP or VIP will automatically get a token.) SIX EXTRA TOKENS CAN BE UNLOCKED FOR COMPLETING ALL OF THESE QUESTS! This will appear soon in the 1.6 update. Will add more ideas if classixz says that he will need more.
  4. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    As most of you already probably know, UU has an elite clan consisted of professional knifers called UU-K, or, if you prefer - UU's Knifers. Well, it's about time that we finally bring UU-S back in. This is UU-S - UU's Snipers! UU-S will be consisted of the most expert snipers that play on the UU servers. The absolute best that can get the coolest kills, run and quickscope zombies with ease, 720 no scope Y-Ys,and can outmaneuver the enemies with their tactics will most likely be apart of this. I AIR | Echo will lead UU-S and iamindy33 will co-lead it, which means that he will help me in the general management and recruiting new members. (We already chose out coleaders, so please do not try to apply for co-leader) We will find expert players on the servers and invite them to UU-S personally. After you make an application me and iamindy33 will monitor you on Zam to see how good you are at sniping. If you feel like you are skilled enough to be in it, feel free to apply, but you HAVE to use the following template: Your Steam name: Your Steam link: Your in-game name: Your BO1 XUID: Country: Age: Which ZAM server do you play on the most?: On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your sniping skill?: You can apply right on this thread. Please do not make any other Threads in any other section such as "joining UU/Staff Applications" If you want to make it into UU-S or ever get in it, you are OBLIGATED to follow these simple rules: I) You must be skilled with AT LEAST one type of sniper. II) Do not spam the chat, the mic or other people whilst in-game. III) Behave and respect other players just as you would want the same in return. IV) You must have the l96a1 UNLOCKED to put in an application. V) VIP's and higher are able to apply for UU-S. Members of UU-S will, as is with UU-K, get some special benefits on the servers, but you have to keep the following in mind: IF YOU ARE IN UU-K, YOU CANNOT BE IN UU-S! IF YOU ARE IN UU-S, YOU CANNOT BE IN UU-K! YOU CAN ONLY BE IN ONE OF THE TWO! IF YOU ARE IN ONE OF THE TWO AND WANT TO JOIN THE OTHER ELITE, YOU HAVE TO QUIT THE ONE YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN! Members of UU-S will have the following special load out: r700/Intervention Remington New Model Army G36C Perks: Speedo & Ghost Kill streak (still in work) 1 Kill: Small Crosshairs Perk 5 Kils: Scout Pro Perk 10 Kills: SR-71 15 Kills: Headshots do 25-75 more damage 20 Kills: 600 points 30 Kills: r700/Intervention with extended mags (if possible) 45 Kills: Gains 2 extra points per kill, and increases by 2 every kill (first kill = 100 points, second kill = 103 points and so on) *cannot be capped to a max* & Grants the Pack a punched Intervention, Does 695 damage to zombies, and instant kill to Cars, 10 bullets per clip, and 5-10% more reload speed (Slight of Hand Pro can be edited so it can reload even faster in legit BO) (Does not need to have a animated skin, as it will take alot of time) 45+Kills: SR-71 every 10 kills (Will add more killstreaks, <- this is just a substitute for later) Please only make one single application if you intend on doing so and DO NOT spam the clan/staff members into rushing you in. If and when the time is right, you will know the answer and will be accepted into UU-S. BEING IN UU-S WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY STAFF COMMANDS SUCH AS, !kick, !ban, !maprotate, etc. 1v1s will be a Private match with either me, or ?????. Gamemode: FFA Players: 2 (Maybe a third as spectator) Sniper: L96A1 ONLY Map: Nuketown If Defeat, You will not be obliged to be in UU-S. You may have a rematch every month. If you want a rematch and have lost recently, you may post here for a rematch. If Victory, You AND the co-leader or other UU-S members that we can trust to be able to 1v1 MUST take a screenshot of the end game. Coleaders & trusted members will send the screenshot to me in steam. I will post it here If anyone has won or lost. I will post If anyone has won the match and has been accepted or declined to be in UU-S. Example Here are the recent games: Random user = Defeat! Random user = Victory! Random user = Victory! Random user = Defeat! Random user = Victory! Random user = Defeat! if you have got a score of 28-29 and lost, we will think about accepting you into UU-S. Scores under 24 will be a immediate loss. Trusted Member: Destroyer : He is now capable of 1v1s!
  5. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Wtf is this did you 3 just lose to THEM??Ok that's it perm ban from UU-S and 2 year ban from zam.Time for echo to carry, 1v3 me bishes fite me bruh, FITE ME
  6. My goodbye...

  7. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Do you have MW3, Black ops II? You know when you prestige right? you get a token. In Black Ops II or MW3, tokens are used for an extra class slot, or have a higher level weapon unlocked like the Ballista at level 1. Well in ZaM, Tokens will act the same way as Black Ops II or MW3. I can give you some examples here, but you can go to my official full post about Token Rewards. Some examples: (not all) You will spawn as a VIP for the game you are currently in with a 25% chance [1 Token] (Lasts forever) You will spawn as a MVP for the game you are currently in with a 10% chance [1 Token] (Lasts forever) You will earn 1 points for every hitmarker you get. Example I shoot a zombie 3 times, I regularly get 30 points, but with this Skill, you will have 33 points. [1 Token] (Lasts Forever When you spawn as a zombie, you will gain a 3 second speed boost [1 Token] (Lasts forever) Heres the link. Just updated it too.
  8. Ranking Rewards System.

    Updateeeedddd + Bump
  9. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    OMFG IS THAT SAO? uh i mean... Admins are able to automatically be in a subdivision, but as iamindy said, you can choose to 1v1 us. Would be glad to have you in :3
  10. My Last Farewell

  11. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    I know how to shoot the ks23 as fast as the spas... its a lil trick. and the ks23 is the strongest shotguns in ZaM, except the DragonsBreath. Plus classixz is adding new weapons. I've been testing with him with bots with the new weapons, etc. you can find i think some of them in my screenshots. The kar and deagle are for VIP, MVPs dont really get any more guns than VIP. If free players get the VIP loadout, what will the VIP loadout have? and once my Tokens idea comes out, everything will change.
  12. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Use a Camera Spike lolololol
  13. These new "hack" commands.

    how the hell could something like that happen? i think admins or 90s can use /devmap but idk. maybe a bug happened when a server crashes, and got restarted?
  14. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    we already have a class for our UU-S loadout. but still, pretty good ideas for the other classes if you ask me
  15. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    uhm, ok back to the topic, and as Elmo said UU-S is for skilled people who can get large feeds, or trickshots. for example i like a person who climbs a high ladder like WMD, and attempts a 720 y-y kill, or a 360 tomahawk, even if they fail. or the people who actually use their sniper at any range, close range, far range, mid range all game even if they camp. what i'm trying to say is, anyone who uses the sniper frequently and are at least 6-10 skilled, they have the necessary components of being in UU-S. Info: Having video evidence that you are good will highly boost your chance of being in UU-S and boost the chance of getting in quicker.
  16. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    I am currently busy with family problems at home. People have died and I cannot be on at the moment. like a week or two i told iamindy to take over for now, and test out the people who were accepted for tryouts and so on. in progress ghostfreak- waiting on decision = waiting on decision armageddon- still trying to show his skills = Abit more testing and we will see ahmedprogrammer- no contact = If No contact within 3 more days starting today, your request will be declined and a new member will be added into the list jackmonkeybomb- waiting on decision(didnt make an app) = Make an application first, then we'll discuss
  17. Switching up the MVP and VIP starter weapons

    The intervention is a UU-S sniper only How do you think us admins feel, Mpl 24/7 </3
  18. This drummer...

    just look at this guy... LOL
  19. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    and please, guys stay on topic. ask questions or suggestions or something.
  20. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Accepted for tryout. remaining tryouts are: (not in order) MwC | Destroyer GhostfreaK2020 Elmo ahmedprogamer1337 ArmaGeddon We will put all requests on hold untill we test these guys. Thanks tryouts will be in about a week, we will notify you on steam, as me or iamindy will add you and request the tryout.
  21. HUGE Problem

    i got 3 gtx 9800's that all dont work in my closet :/ i have a bad graphics card atm, but i dont seem to ever have this problem yet.
  22. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Accepted for tryout
  23. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    accepted for tryout. We'll notify you in steam when the 1v1 will occur soon.
  24. Bug with !fpsboost

    the signatures... and that happens so it isn't over powered
  25. BAD NEWS

    omg 10 upvotes, first time ever "popular" and 10 downvotes for him xD