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  1. I guess there's no way to fix this. It's a game engine problem, fps related to be exact. Bo1 simply can't handle fps higher than 120, it starts acting weirdly, liike you get stuck in doorways, can levitate and unable to jump normally.
  2. It's better for us to figure out why do people keep spawning with no guns, not to abuse it
  3. Their in-game name: Gromila_ Server: EU Time of incident: 15:30 CET Proof (Images/Videos): video
  4. I've spent about 4 hours making and testing this :c Havana bunkers.txt Havana bunkers.txt
  5. Some bunkers looks like a ZEM's bunkers. Lol
  6. Names: marek.olle.001 ; xxden4ikxx ; Splicer ; B@ND!T ; [ZAM]KnifeRx ; Vickus ; Blackberry. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/88220071331383530/793A12CFFDE8371C70E6816EA3E92F6CE409BA8F/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/88220071331379916/59AF1A7D960D61C8144D1F24AA5D38BD01FCDDD1/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/88220071331379352/EAD13E2F9F332236B9F8EE2DF12F2044CBB71280/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/88220071331378041/4606DC89AD8FFEC66A66512903140B610E7BE410/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/195172301017392338/5AA6D17C0ED97ED0F2D803FCC50749859042B905/
  7. Are you kidding bren? We can play 1v1 anytime and i am sure that I am not worse than you in knifing -_- Idc about my sniping skill cuz i know it suck alot... Because of it i never wanted to be in UU-S.
  8. Good idea. But we need testers in UU-K and UU-S.
  9. Bradymanz is only 1 admin who playing zam almost everyday. We need more staff. But members must be good people whom you can trust. I mean not like scream or Den4ik... Beast is good guy and i will glad to see him as admin tbh. Classixz should think about it. I do not propose to make me the administrator or trusted. But I would be happy to keep order on the server xd
  10. black ops Campers man. It looks better
  11. I dont like campers cuz it so boring to play as zombie with campers. Are you think that camp with 14 humans and 3 zombies it so cool? Yes... For noobs. And jealous of campers is stupid. Just because guys who camp at start with platinum class SUCK DICKS. You cant even run at start, so you camp like a nab. Anyone can camp like a pro. But no one camper can knife like a pro.
  12. OK. Zombie annihilation become a real shit for camping guys. But i have idea how to stop this madness. At first. Make thing that will kill people who for the first minute will stand in the same place. You need to add barricade limit, like HP limit for zombies, but it will work only on for 1 minute (this thing can disable barricades shop). How it's work: you cant stay on a one place during first minutes of game. Hunters cant put cades and must run. If you will stay on a one place in first minute, count will start from 5 seconds with message MOVE OR DIE. If you dont move during that 5 seconds console kill you. You can add barricade limit for all the game. It means that every hunter can put max 50 cades. Suggest your ideas here how to stop these campers. We must stop that shit
  13. ENDURO WARRIOR, Spllcer, Osirix, Brian and many other guys ALWAYS using STG, they are not bad at knifing but always camp at start like scared kids. UK clan (now here we have new clan BK - black ops knifers) must be renamed to Unity Campers [UC]. It looks better. These guys using STG almost every game. And this shit so annoying. Impossible to kill them. Zam become mod for STG's fanboys. We cant play for fun with this retards.
  14. In an early version of a zombie annihilation Misty had a bowie knife at the start. I remember that Misty was the coolest skin for knifing, because it has a bowie knife.
  15. They are dont use stg. I saw 2 peoples playing with it who dont have any custom class. But platinums using it almost every game
  16. Hi, I'm Ember. And I want to talk about the STG-44. Recently, I noticed that everyone started using a free class weapons, like STG and MTAR. Everything is fine. But... STG is too powerful. STG has more than 100 damage. If zombies have 500 hp, it is almost impossible to kill a man with STG. STG = WIN I think that this needs to be fixed. Dear classixz, please. I think that many players would agree with me. STG must be fixed. Or improve price to 4000....
  17. Classixz must fix STG's damage. STG just very very very good for free class.
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