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    8:23 PM - Cpt Skittles: my friend have a good knife for u items, but he cant add u(friend limit) 8:24 PM - Cpt Skittles: need this knife? (i removed the link for the safety) - screen knife in game 8:24 PM - Cpt Skittles: check screen, if u need this knife i say my friend and he add u Can you see it? he cant add u(friend limit) i say my friend and he add u The english grammar is nice too.
  2. That skill on the landing tho

    I don't know what's with the hate on you m8? did i hurt you in any way? i don't understand man ?
  3. That skill on the landing tho
  4. Viirus' Videos and More

    pls no
  5. That skill on the landing tho
  6. RQ?

    Kevin i was banned at 18:19 and you told me i rq at 20:15 and got unbanned at 22:00 ...
  7. I never ragequited.

    Apparently today i ragequited. After my situations i swore i would never break any rules again and so i did but somehow i got banned for ragequit... I never rage quit i only quit after all survivors were dead. whether the ban was wrongly assigned which i am sure about or i somehow forgot that i rq ... I haven't broken any rules so i am pretty sure the ban is wrongly assigned please check my case and reconsider. Thank you for your time.