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  1. He already is posted in the ZAM applications and yes follow the template. If you are posting for a UU application (as far as it sounds like you are) then I'm sorry to say this and no Cyber, I'm not judging you and no I don't hate you xD. I don't think you deserve UU, probably because I'm sure you irritate some or most of the people in the community and that's while you're in-game. I haven't been on ZAM for a week, but I can give a example of the annoying's thing about you. Okay, it's when everytime I kill you you say "camper" and if I remember you even type in !calladmin Madara camping" something like that. And I'm like wtf I didn't camp and maybe if I were to be camping it's probably because the zombies speed is slow. Making it look like I was camping, but wasn't camping though. So don't be disappointed though, you still have a chance to be UU, that's if you show the community your maturity and appropriate behavior, rather then being those type of immature/dumb players which a community would no doubt dislike. And if you're just applying for a ZAM app, better mean it when it comes to "obeying rules" not just don't mean it. EDIT: With the mature and appropriate behavior, not act like that for 6 days or less, but maybe a month or longer, when I guess you could say when everyone has forgotten about your bad rep in ZAM.
  2. Pats.vids

    Nice limb expect I hit one in jungle across map and he didn't die cuz limb pro :l but I hitted him. Still this limb is perfect not trying to disappoint you. btw you make interesting videos.
  3. Viirus' Videos and More

    Just love how all these clips are on the website and I don't actually need to watch them on youtube but the website nice videos btw.
  4. I leave Zam ...

    Actually, there are atleast a bunch of rqs, they are new though but that's different. And btw, zam has staff for a reason if rules are broken 24/7. UU members I'm talking about too, though they could only notice, lookup, and poke I believe that's all the cmds. Rule breakers can't be stopped, they will be people who come on zam just to mess up the fun when it comes to glitches out the map, and all that other poo poo bs. We just stop the waves of rule-breakers if they come to us. ignore all those other whiners who say, I rep0rt u screen omg ban. Well, it's what I would do. I wasn't here 3 years ago but just do that..
  5. Sorry for the bump, it's been over a month I just wanted to know the answer. And it's for snife only.
  6. ZAM 19.0.7

    Best update I've seen on ZAM as far as how longed I've played. Hopefully no one spoils the Easter egg for me, I'd will shut my eyes if they do. hate spoiler alerts pls.
  7. More Classes

    You can just camp with the LSAT and you either buy CIA to use the motion sensor and place it in a good spot nearby where you are camping. Those = camping stuff if that's what you mean.
  8. We need to change something ...

    I think it's fine as it is, however I really did thought that the fog in December was great however the red was alittle bad it was a 6/10 in my opinion. If you do hate the black fog though, you can always use the flash class to buy the stroke of daylight to remove the fog that's if, if you have MVP but if you don't you can always ask someone to use the class to remove it (pls don't be too demanding tho :p) However it wouldn't last the whole game it's only temporally. And about the cades, I prefer the black not the texture blue one.
  9. Happy birthday hatred! 


    Have a nice one.

  10. Poof back!

    Poof! Your entry just like your profile. Welcome back.
  11. And CAN YOU team kill?:>

    Poor bot. He will always be remembers as Albert the BOT 2-18 to 2-18 R.I.P
  12. ZAM Member App

    Your in-game name: [XL] Not Madara (when enter it says soap though, but I do change it in console) Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: Hawaii How much do you play ZAM?: School days 3 or just 4, weekends about 5-6 or maybe 7. Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes.