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  1. Xmas had a event last year a good one to so a good idea would to do a halloween one zombies with pumpkins has heads a exra hallweenish gun for all players and halloween stuff on maps
  2. GoodBye

    Hi i am going to take a break from zam not just a mini one a massive one why you ask: 1 WORD RULE BREAKERS BUT THE WORST OF ALL RAGE QUITTERS yeh u know them people when be zombie leave no zombies well gotta kill my self it should really add a auto ban thingy only if they leave not timed out And i would like to thank griggs,classixz and all the other developers for this fun time i have had on this awsome mod any way guys i will still be on fourms but not in zam PEAAAAAAAAAAAAACE
  3. Life after death

    sick or it could be a seprate thing from wizard?
  4. RQ every game

    no one reports so people rq
  5. New ZAM bunkers

    ahhh ok thx
  6. New ZAM bunkers

  7. New ZAM bunkers

    how do u get the boxes float
  8. Knifing Pack

    IDk if this is a good idea but there could be like a knfing pack at the start u can pick any knife u want and u can have speedo at the start i know small idea but more people will knife
  9. unfairly banned

    right everyone just stop fighting it isnt that bad lets just forget it
  10. unfairly banned

    doesn't matter if u dont understand
  11. unfairly banned

    hello i was unfairly banned because i was having internet problems so what happend i was getting really bad internet so i admit i left but i was gonna rejoin and then my internet fully stopped working so yeh i did break the rules but i didnt at the same time i would really recommend making some tokens or somthing like that so stuff like this doesnt happen maybe charge £1 for 1 token or something and i wouldn't rq but i had no choice would a really rq when i buyed the highest rank and the server? about 3 days after so thats it really so please unban me if not ill just wait the days thanks.
  12. Your in-game name: FRISKYNIPS Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: England How much do you play ZAM?: i try to put as much of my time in zam in other words i have no life Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes
  13. hey Bloody ive Just Buyed MVP is it meant to say Active When i dont have it yet ?

    1. Baguette


      Wait 2 or 4 days max and if you dont have your MVP after 4 days ask classixz for Know if you have a problème with your MVP (payement, or with your steam id....)

    2. Bloody


      Sorry for answering so late. It can take anywhere from 1-48 hours before your purchase is activated! 

      If you have problems with your purchase you should always contact our support!

    3. GrimmIsBack


      +rep my name is jeff

  14. had VIP and its gone now :/ :(

    yeh i filled it out now thx
  15. had VIP and its gone now :/ :(

    hey i bought VIP yesterday and i got it today and after 2 games its gone please help me thank you.