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  1. i was banned by stoner

    i left the game after it was finished to go this website, then i decided i wasnt going to report stoner because i really dont care if he was afk, then i rejoined back and opened up b01 to play zam then i joing and i got ban. seriously i was banned for no reason then
  2. i was banned by stoner

    i didnt rq
  3. i was banned by stoner

    i joined game my gamepad wouldnt turn on it took, so i decided to get my other gamepad wasnt a zombie i was a human then i connect it and get banned by stoner, i repeat it was probably 30 seconds into the game. stoner got pissed in previous game because i left to file a report on him because he was afk for about 90 percent of the game dvl.... was there, so yeah i got banned as a human for being afk for 30 seconds while trying to get my gamepad turned on
  4. banned for being afk

    im not going to lie i was purposely afk because i was about to smash my laptop and modem because of my lag spikes, so id say i was afk for about 4 games
  5. banned for being afk

    so pat said i was afk for 5 hours then?
  6. banned for being afk

    lmao thats okay i guess
  7. banned for being afk

    yeah but why can i play on EU but not on US server?
  8. banned for being afk

    yes it does, however on EU i can still play however i cant use !ts or lookup my skillrank or stats
  9. banned for being afk

    i was banned for 5 hours, its been 7 hours since already. I can play on EU server, but not US server. plus i cant use !ts or check my skillrank and stats.
  10. ban appeal

    i didnt rq my computer and moniter crashed then i lost connection to my wifi. it took about 5 minutes for my laptop to reboot.
  11. Application: ZAM member

    Your in-game name: CROSSxBIGPOPPA Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: United States of America How much do you play ZAM?: 4 hours a day Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): yes