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    i like waffles.Dont judge me.
  1. Viirus_iQuicKZ is ur channel a cancer comment section?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheSinEater


      XD viirus_iQuickz i think i rather watch your channel. i'll sub you IF i like your vids.

    3. viirus_iquickz


      Do whatever you think is best. I'm not going to encourage you to watch my videos or subscribe to me. It's your choice, not mine.

    4. TheSinEater


      Like your Vids i subbed! 

  2. Hello.

    GUYS,ZAM PLAYERS,MVP,ADMINS,UU-K,UU-S,OWNER,etc I have a question... Why do u hate me ... should i kms(kill my self) ? if u hate me .... u say
  3. A poor guy with a poor name and a ----====^1NOPE ^2BUTTON ^3ACTIVED====---- copy and paste if u want do

  4. Classxiz... How Did i got in [ZAM]..... Clan name And why?

    1. Classixz


      You need to apply for ZAM member

    2. Y0l09g4g9


      but im aleardy in...

  5. Hacked Steam Account

    And yes... The Admins and spooky scary players are hating me Because i am.... JOHN Y0l09g4g9
  6. Hacked Steam Account

    Hi Bloody' I am And i'm so sorry about ur account and ur games and everything.... But Do you have a photo i want to add you again.
  7. Hi.

    What it is a Report Format?
  8. Hey BrEn!

    We can talk now. 

    I repaired my mic :3

  9. Viirus

    U little quick admin... U just make my rep comunity -2 XDDD

    for try not to laugh and NAVAR 


    rly niga 

    u have -rep on steam now

  10. GG L118A

    You guys Should add L118A Sniper Rifle From MW3 Cause its easy to use and im god with it on SNIFE mod
  11. hellcome to well 2spooky5hell