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  1. Hi there, it's almost been about 6 months since the last time i played zam expect today. If you didn't know i been very busy serving my country in military forces for the last 5 months and i have almost finished it, only 1 month left. Does anyone play zam anymore or has everyone just quit it? I hopped on today and there was a few ppl playing and it was so much fun. Would love to see the server getting up to 10-18 ppl sometimes like back in 2017. This is by far the most fun multiplayer mod I ever played and would be a shame if nobody played it anymore. Hope to see you on the server sometime
  2. until

    Oh yes let's go and get a full server boys
  3. Jesse

    ZAM players

    Yea we need new stuff to keep ppl's interested in the mod. For example i havent played for weeks cuz the mod is pretty much dead, 0 players online and it gets pretty boring cuz there is no new content. So ye new content and events is the way to if you ask my opinion.
  4. Jesse

    ZAM players

    New stuff like skins, weapons etc. Events maybe like 1 random day a week free vip/mvp? Give new players some free shit
  5. Hello guys! I'm here with my first tutorial video, it should cover everything how to post a correct player report. Let me know if this was helpful to you and did I miss something. If you need any more help, feel free to ask!
  6. -Got banned today 23.8.2017, time 22:00 (UTC + 02:00) Time Zone -Server Zam EU (Red server) -I left the game when there was 5 zombies, 2-3 hunters. I played 3-4 minutes as zombie and I was the first picked zombie. Map was Jungle. Had 5-10 deaths, 1-2 kills. Reasons I would like to get unbanned: Well I love playing zam and play it everyday, why would I take an RQ ban for no reason? Also know the rules very well and I am sure this was a false ban by consol
  7. Hi there, got few suggestions for Zam mod, well actually probably better to say small improvements. I played some normal BO1 zombies and noticed that the bowie knife actually makes an sound when you knife with it. So if possible would be cool to have the same sound for bowie knife in the mod as in normal zombies, because currently it makes no sound when you knife. Same thing with sickle knife and galvas. Also the "camo" or color pattern, whatever you wanna call it, that is there in normal zombies for Mustang and Sallies. Would be cool to have it in the mod aswell because currently the Mustang and Sallies look like dual wield M1911's in the mod. Lastly a bigger idea, maybe add more weapons from the normal zombies to the mod? I'm talking about upgraded weapons. Like the skullcrusher when you upgrade the M16 in normal zombies, it get's grenade launcher and becomes full auto. Maybe make an class with more expensive "random weapon" like in cow class, but the weapons would be random weapons from the normal zombies. How sick it would be to get the upgraded ray gun and kill 500 hp zombies in 1 hit with? Mostly upgraded weapons. Anyways thanks for reading this idea and let me know what you guys think.
  8. Haha omg yea, Myxa who is the kid now xDDDDD
  9. Im 14 give me admin 80% plsss xD Omg so cringe Protect the server better xDDD omg thanks for this griggs Funny as hell xD
  10. Hi, the bomber zombie seems to be completely bugged at the moment. It doesn't explode when somebody knifes/shoots it, the suicide explosion doesn't work when you spam 6, it just kills you but no explosion. So yea the bomber zombie seems to be completely useless atm. I'm actually quite surprised nobody has done a bug report on this since the bomber zombie is really useful when it actually works. Anyways I hope this gets fixed ASAP. Cheers -Jesse
  11. Onnittelut, nyt voit juoda olutta ihan laillisesti :D 

    1. uvenus


      Jep jep, laittomasti aina kivempi

  12. Yea definetly agree with you that spots like the array tower needs to be reworked, impossible to die when its less than i'd say 8 zombies and makes it so boring for zombies. Also another "Op" spot on my mind right now is on top of the bus in map Cracked. So hard for zombies to reach and leaves em very slim chances to kill. I might start working on some maps too if I can find some time, playing the mod itself and making Youtube videos at the same time takes a lot of my time right but I will see if I can start working on maps aswell.
  13. Jesse


    Hi. Here I am making an suggestion to change Forcefield ability from Raven class a little bit. Since Raven is my favourite class, love to run with it, I would like to get the forcefield changed a little bit. Right now it can only be used once per game. Only 1 person can buy it per game which kinda sucks in my opinion. And once somebody has used it, it can't be bought anymore. So my suggestion is the following: Make forcefield have cooldown of 3 minutes after being used instead of not being able to use it again. With this change you can most likely pull off 2 forcefields per game and it seems kinda fair in my eyes. Might also encourage more people to run since running with forcefield is a lot of fun. Let me know what you guys think about this.
  14. Looking good Classixz, keep up the amazing work!
  15. I seen you a few times on the server and you seem like a nice guy, hope you like the server and you will stay, welcome!
  16. Damn that really sucks mate, I waited so long to play with you again, hope you get everything sorted out soon and will see you on the server soon again. Next time be more careful what you download from internet since there is so many fake programs out there. Hope to see you soon my friend
  17. Happy birthday kid! :D 

    1. Nagini


      thanks jesse -.- :D

  18. He was hacking, i saw it with my own eyes
  19. Haha, this kid was clearly scripting, me, DennyB, DragonLord and other ppl clearly saw it, his deagle was shooting the speed of the upgrade from the game start and he was using aimlock/aimbot too. Crosshair locking on ppl so don't try to protect your little brother, DennyB can confirm this for sure.
  20. Not bad idea, but if this would be the map vote, 90% of the games would be nuketown, because literally everyone always restarts that map like 20 times cuz some reason ppl think its a "good" map. I personally dislike nuketown a lot since its such small map, everyone camp in the same camp spot literally every round from the start of the game and running on the map is literally impossible due to its small size. As i said not bad idea to have tho but i like the system we currently have, we get to play all the maps and have some party games every now and then.
  21. Hehe yea, but we definetly need more cadestreak rewards
  22. 100 cade streak sr71? xD I think something like attack dogs would be better but idk, but yea there definetly should be more cadestreaks
  23. I try hardcamp every game? You clearly have no idea who I am but oh well, and the only who is crying here is you, as Kevin said rules are rules and everyone should apply to them, doesn't rly matter if there is 20 seconds or 1 min left on timer. I think you took this a little bit too personal and you are upset now, it literally says this is not a hate post towards but seems like you don't care about that either. You are the one who seems to be a bit butthurth when someone wants to critise you
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