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  1. Whats up with zam?

    True. That would be awesome!
  2. is zam dead? 

    is zam dead?
  3. is zam dead? 

    is zam dead?
  4. Ragequit

    Their in-game name: TheZeroServer: Red EuTime of incident: 9.50 PmProof (Images/Videos):http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1116939980
  5. my zam member application

    Good luck zayden
  6. Can't play zam atm.

    Nice lifestory
  7. Advanced ZAM Vote 2.0

    Awesome idea!!!!
  8. Lier lier

    Jesse is lier Got screenshot where i was hiding for bullets.. Is it blocking?
  9. Axis zombie bug

  10. ZAM 2.2.0

  11. Small idea for camos

    Sound Good
  12. Got Ban For breaking cades

    Im sorry cuz i breaked Jesses Cades and i dont do it again. i said in chat :Stop blocking or i dont recade. Nagini said i got 1 day but when i got kick in zam cuz i have bans it doesnt say anything how long so can someone unban me please
  13. Sorry for rage quit

    Im sorry for rage quit i dont break rules never again.
  14. Sry for rage quit

    Im so sorry for rq i never do it again and sry for spamming you fuzion.unforgetten im sry i think you afk sry i love Zam !!!!