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  1. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    You actually said something I can sort of understand, and I am only insulting you cause you're insulting me. And UU is more to me, It was a place i could go to and leave almost everything behind and focus on the few things I loved the most, Games, UU, and ZAM.
  2. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    We have respect, maybe not from you or form anyone that supports you, but we have respect. I've talked to people and they say that they would never want to speak to you again and I'm not gonna say who. And we aren't thirsty for power. And Blue, aren't you still a kid? Apparently Denny is, and you act way worse than him. And we actually do know what we are saying, you don't. Everyone I talk to in the past 2 days has said that. And it's really sad, you get so mad and shit when you get kicked from UU, before you were pretty cool, but now you're a big dick. And again, you people don't congratulate us on becoming staff, you just complain and complain about everything we fucking do. And now that we are no longer staff you should just fucking drop it, you got what you wanted so be fucking happy. I feel like I am arguing with my sisters over some stupid stuff .-.
  3. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    Uh that was me that changed what BrEn said, and why blame Denny?
  4. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    Alright wtf, you guys complain and complain about the bans being too short, so we extended them, and now ya'll complain about them being too long? Please make up your minds. And so what if we don't have much experience with the commands and other things, we are doing a pretty good job, the reports are taken care of, and ya'll say we are "abusing" powers, but when did we ever abuse them? And now everyone is gonna say this and that, but they are wrong, you guys want us to be kicked, you guys think we aren't mature enough and that we can't do it. So let me tell ya, we can, we are probably the most mature people that are active on the website,(along with Griggs, and ViiRuS ) And i say this because you guys cannot handle us being staff, you guys should just congratulate us, but no, you want us to be removed from staff, and the reason why you want us to be remove from staff? I've seen people say that we are badmins, we are abusing powers, and we aren't mature enough. And I gtg now, Don't wanna miss the bus so cheers.
  5. RQS Server needs admins

    @aShamed You're trying to say Griggs is childish when you're the childish one. I hate to come at you like this, but Griggs isn't childish at all, I talk to him on ts more now and he is actually the most realest, and mature person you can talk to. (and ViiRuS) And now how you are childish, you come at Griggs (like a wrecking ball) and said he was mean, and childish, he was never mean to me and nor was I mean to him, so if you are a dick in disguise(I've talked to you on ts but me not know how you really are) I don't see how Griggs was ever mean. And childish? Naww, he is actually more mature than most people in the community, (ViiRuS as well) and he is fun to play ZAM with. (unlike childish people, and ViiRuS is also fun to play ZAM with but people no see that cuz they too childish to hang out with the mature aka kool kids like ViiRuS)
  6. Bruh.

    We have mature staff, maybe not to you, but we do.
  7. Suggestion

    It might be too op, but could we have PHD Flopper or something similar to it? Maybe a custom class with PHD Flopper? LOVE ME
  8. New ZAM bunkers

    On the top right it says "spawn area" press space and v at the same time to change it from under to crosshair
  9. New ZAM bunkers

    Set the cades from under to crosshair.
  10. New ZAM bunkers

    This is the one I made. It is on the Map WMD Screenshots: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/259344255639913627/4A5AD66A89F3381F49385378FB7BDDAB24348CA4/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/259344255639914085/DB0826C5E8BDACF7D742F505F028E1DCA1C5265F/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/259344255639914481/519E98EAAC4481D8AFB38B9761283D132BBD88E1/ Code:http://pastebin.com/Ts7JzYUv
  11. this is dumb.

    Not my channel.. just sayin
  12. why do people camp in zam.

    I have no problem knifing them, BrEn hates it when I come into the server cause he knows I will kill him and same for me, if he comes on I know I will probably die after a few kills. And I also kill Brady and Brebe all the time.
  13. Happy Birthday Brandon!

    1. viirus_iquickz


      Many thanks for your message.

      At least you remembered my name. :)

    2. Unforgotten
  14. It'll be a while

    Damn dude, hope you get better man.