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  1. Zam BO3 and zam.

    I wanted say "fix bugs" for me i thinked that it was the same words, and stfu when you say. "Thinked that it was the same words". This phrase ruining my brain.
  2. mcermslr123

  3. Hi

    So have you.
  4. My first edition in PS CS6

    Can you make some 3d banner for me?
  5. US server

    Ahahahhahahahaha i was laughing when you've said this "And the rest I didn't understand, can someone who speaks Retardish plz help me translate to English, ty =) (A fine example of disrespect)" Today i was walking outdoors while i was sad thereafter i came home and joined UU.net then i looked at this post and you made me happy by this phrase XD lav u grigz
  6. Kinder

    What? I made something wrong in this sentence again?
  7. Kinder

    Kinder has stopped play zam and left from our community yet so gg. That's he tried to say.
  8. Lets ban 2 children

    I am 17 #RoadToProgrammer
  9. Lets ban 2 children

    Yes XDDDDDD. Skoll is the most beautifull kurwa in this community.
  10. Lets ban 2 children

    "help me he do provocation!!!" ahahahahahahah k den " if for you when i said that you post is stupid is provokation " god, no more words to say you something... I am ignoring u. I have never seen that stupid kid whole my life whos doesnt know what provoking means. You will needn't to quote me anymore, i wont read it Bye
  11. Lets ban 2 children

    I know, but i have stopped use google translator long time ago lol, i make sentences by myself to practice my english but he uses google translator, do you think that his english getting better? i dont care about his english but he writes the shit which he took from google. Now i stop to discuss it because he is too dumb and dont understand that he writes, 5 people liked my post except these kids to get them banned, but like griggz said no one will be banned so k den
  12. Lets ban 2 children

    Your english suck as fuck, i cant understand that you have written, i can only say to you that your questions annoys me more than you like where is provocation and where i have made stupid posts, lol at first do you now that provocation means?, at second there are a lot of shit you have made recently and you ask me where i have made stupid posts................ Dont pretend that you something dont know, you look such an idiot.
  13. Lets ban 2 children

    If i write something, you will ansewer and write the shit that i should read also provoking
  14. Lets ban 2 children

    And skoll go in for english it is healthy for you and stop use google translator it is dumb like you,
  15. Lets ban 2 children

    LOL YOU DISLIKED ME CUZ I SAID TO MYXA THX AND I MADE COOL EDITION IN PS AND WHEN MY POST WAS 1 YEAR OR 3 MONTHS AGO!? You are so idiot, i didnt make something stupid like you said, i said the truth about what i think, you making the shit all the time who doesnt like and now will you going to continue?, if you dont know what you are writing then dont do it also i can say about my posts that you dislikes for nothing, I am offended.. Cuz you both cant be banned.