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  1. Resignation From UU

  2. Resignation From UU

    i was giving a second chance, now i guess i was kicked?? I mean blue was telling me to drink bleach and talking shit about me when i said nothing to him. So i mean great admin and i right?
  3. Resignation From UU

    i was kicked?
  4. Resignation From UU

    I would like to resign from UU community. I personally don't have the patience or maturity to ignore stupid remarks made to me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity in uu. Getting ready for the amount of hate on me in comments and shit! Byeee. Also my apologize for all the drama and dumb ass stuff i started
  5. Hello 8)

    Welcome man! Glad to see new comers still enjoying the mod! Hope to talk to you sometime :_)
  6. Thanks for changing the size. Theres just no reason to downvote my comment cause i was just seeking help
  7. its not the point denny. Its pretty stupid to down rep 1 thing just cause i was asking for help. But i dont care ill drop it
  8. how griggs, he told me to tell him if i needed a smaller pic. whatever when arent u disliking all my shit anyways
  9. THANKS even though im pretty surte u just down rept me again..
  10. yes i need smaller image 1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 49.9712kb, and was skipped
  11. fUCKING BEAUTIFUL THANKS MAN How to i make it my profile pic ahaj
  12. Ur gonna hate me for this, but ive been getting negative feedback about the weed leaf so can u change it to like a batman sort of backround. like the symbol or something cool. Like the bat
  13. I try to upload it as my profile pic and it says this 1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 49.9712kb, and was skipped wht do i do? And thanks for the pic, its beautiful
  14. Sounds good! I dont smoke i just think it would look cool lmao