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  1. Rly denny you know that i havnt utility to rq i only play zam so for me its a good excuse and more my screen give a good proof that its not a rq
  2. So i have been ban without rq, lot of person know that since one or two month my connections bug and idk why soudzntly my connections crashed but it was weird so i decided to take a screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1122221369 And its not difficult to know that i never rq Please if i don't play i will dont have the choice to help my grandma, its really horrible
  3. welcome nice to meet you
  4. Its like my video, but you speak in english and its the things who show that your video is better.
  5. Yes this could be a good ide.
  6. Its not a bad idea, but i will say the same thing that jesse but it will be all the time Nuketown, (i like this map) but just few games, and for the party its nice to play this type of game just few times all the time it will be boring, you understand what we want mean?
  7. Happy birthday! later...

  8. I decided to post this video, for the players who don't know how make a (good) report.
  9. i never take wizzard! it was with cold blodded or raven
  10. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/829077029415880224/3013783668F74558704A77637A23653B9A2ABB2D/ I have sometimes this when i play and soudently i make a big jump but its weird
  11. Not only the staffs cades, the staff and normal players can have the same sanctions!^^ But yes i am okey with your ideas, hope that it will be accept.
  12. Its a good idea i am just not okey with "i play zam more than all of you" (not more than me hehe) but yes for the new class its a good idea.
  13. How much post you want make?
  14. Ty, and now?(i have try to correct)
  15. Baguette


    So..Yep Idk why but during this week, lot of post have been post (without lot of utility), But it's really important that we do something. Gart wanted make the "rebirth of zam" for me it was not a really bad idea, but now he dont assume his decision. And we are in a big shit. By his fault we have forget lot of (good) person. We need staffs, i dont will repeat what i repeat all time but, but like i said any rules are respect, often it's unplayable. Do something @Griggs (if it's possible)
  16. Without proof, any ban can be make
  17. It's not just you but you are one of those Who is ready to camp with 2 bots zombie and 1 really zombie. But i am not surprised that there are lot of rq, like i said, when you are zombie with and you are against human who have already place barricades (with plati) players who just want have good stats, you just want leave and dont play when you know that you have any chance to kills them. So it's the fault of the older player like we who don't give the good exemple
  18. How many times we will need to wait that for something happen?
  19. Just boring to play with 13 players, and finish with 6 players, there are lot of new players, but they dont have learn the rules and they thinck that they can leave like they want, Brady do a good job, but he can't ban all the person who rq. We need more staffs,since 3 years the rules are respect (try) And now we stop all. Hope that something will be do. ^^
  20. Zérox i dont allowéd you to speak like this of pretix and scream you know that if you are permban on zem and on the website it's because there are good reason. ^^
  21. It was for laugh don't worry. ?
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