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  1. Remove scorelimit & more 1 man spots

    my bad haha XD sorry i got it from some loser reporting ppl for hardcamping XD . now i know i can camp as much as i want hehe srry for this and woaw nice
  2. Remove scorelimit & more 1 man spots

    10 min is good. score limit? why would you want the score limit away? 150+ kills can't you only get that by hardcamping? i have seen jesse do alot of running and kniving he only alwayse got most of 40 kills +- , the only way to get 150+ kills is hardcamp(and its banable!) . you need to make sure you are limbable! so not fully cadable so how did you get +150kills? in a server with 0 RL ppl? and 7 bots? thats the only way i can believe that. a real player would limb you or buy a balastic knive .
  3. ZAM // ZEM

    maby litterly make some kind of parkour map. 2 players start as zombie and others do the jumps , litterly make a RUN and JUMP map. but there woudelt be enhouf place for that? let me know wath you think? its a short idea. noting yet sketched out. array would be a greath map to do this on .
  4. i may not know you. i am really late :/ but still i hope you had a really really nice birthday! 

  5. have a nice 102'th birthday! 

  6. ZAM // ZEM

    i dont know
  7. Brebe's gameplay video

    lol nightcore XD
  8. Brebe's gameplay video

    lol nightcore XD
  9. New ZAM command

    nha no mute ...
  10. B23R pistol for platinum

    nice idee man ! i'll have higest rank next month :)! hehe
  11. New ZAM command

    heheh =) XD
  12. New ZAM command

    thats a really good idee Ramsy ! i love it ! i command that disables chat ! awsome!
  13. New ZAM command

    if it would exist it would get abused hehe XD but i like the idee, seems like something for Z*m XD
  14. New ZAM command

    well the problem With THe !PM command is that others will be able to see it i think ctrl+tab will work the best hehe
  15. Hi everyone!

    wasent expecting the nice reactions on my topic we sure will have some nice times! i hope we can all get along !