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  1. Funny screen shots - post yours!

  2. Funny screen shots - post yours!

    Some funny stuff
  3. Funny screen shots - post yours!

    I make you famous bb
  4. OMG......i did it!

    I only count 7. but who's counting?
  5. Camp time limit :o

    Ok so I mentioned to classixz the idea of adding to the mod a time limit on camping! Basically how it works is you can camp for so many minutes, then you have 40 seconds to leave the area just far enough from your camp area, then you can come back to it. I played this type of setting on another modded server and immediately I thought, wow.... this is what all those whiners need who complain about noobs like me camping all the time But joking aside, for real, I think it could be cool idea. Thoughts from you guys?
  6. ZAM 2.3.X

    I had 8, which is ridiculous as far as odds go.. but no where close to 12. maybe with this luck, you should hit the casino..
  7. ZAM 2.2.0

    I got the exo zombie yesterday and was like WTF !! Cool... it certainly adds a whole new dynamic to the game that will make it interesting! I also witnessed the auto-ban and also thought ALSO VERY COOL and it's about time! I suggest for new players auto-ban for 10 to 30 minutes or something short like that. But the repeat offenders are the ones who need to be nailed IMO new or long time players. Keep up the good work Classixz
  8. More

    yeah I know, just teasing, and the server was full... and with some of the best ZAM players in the world. I probably would camp in 0:30 seconds
  9. More

    Nice video, that was a fun game. So you mean you setup camp 1:21 seconds into game?
  10. How do a good report.

    i dont understand your tutorial? All I hear is you singing in french. Can you do version with english music instead please? thank you
  11. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    @Bluebird I rage quit because some players were being asses and I was zombie forever and ever. The 5 day ban got extended for 20 more days because I went on EU and played during my 5 day ban. I didn't even know I was banned at first because a lot of people were saying US was down for days and days. I deserve 5 day ban for RQ but Denny slapping 20 extra days on that naturally came to big surprise to me.
  12. ZAM Black Ops 3

    I caved in and bought BO3 this weekend, I'm looking forward to ZAM coming to BO3. Will it be all futuristic and crazy - or normalized?
  13. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    Ha @*FR*skoll really funny considering I am banned for 25 days.
  14. Bruh.

    Let's try "vote kick" enabled. I've seen it on other servers and it works - even though everyone's immediate thought it "no it will get abused". Trust me it doesn't because you need unanimous vote for it to even pass through. So if EVERYONE on server is in agreement that player X is AFK, or shooting cades, or not playing objective then it gets voted on. Remember, at least one person with common sense can hold it back from passing by using their discretion, so it can and does work. Try it, what do you have to lose in reality? cheers,
  15. Bruh.

    I was mature UU member who played regularly, and even now without UU play daily and file reports when I can. I could easily work as staff to assist, but not sure they will give it to a "new" untrustworthy Canadian guy. Member, staff or not, I still do what I can to help new players and the server. cheers
  16. RQ every game

    I'm back on the US server after having a solid 2 weeks of work earlier this month, and almost every (actually no EVERY) game I play someone is AFKing or RQ'ing. It was never this bad a month ago? Any ideas why this seems to be happening more than ever before, and more importantly what can we do to prevent this from happening? It's gotten really really bad.
  17. RQ every game

    So I just log on to play a bit of ZAM, here's how it went down: I join a game half way through am zombie, I play game until end. danweb, [RUS]Vladan, [UK]Unknown Soldier 1 hard camp but I am a good sport and I play till end of game. Game #2, I am zombie again and so is [RUS]Vladan. Same guys hard camp. [RUS]Vladan AFK's and eventually quits game since I warned him to play several times. I play game till the end on my end anyway no problem. Game #3, I am finally a hunter and danweb and [UK]Unknown Soldier 1 are zombies and they quit within a minute of the game. Guys this is after spending 20 minutes doing my part, playing the game according to rules, sucking it up and not complaining once about it knowing that my time to play will come but then I get fucked in the end anyways by two assholes who could only care more about themselves than the rest of the players. 2 days is not enough, 5 days is definitely not enough. Do what other rule servers do which is perm ban until the person makes an effort to contact admin and ask to come back. That's the only way to create reliable and courteous ZAM players. I'm done with ZAM now and won't be back until something is done about this. It's gotten 100% ridiculous. My time is valuable too and was totally wasted by a couple of selfish asshole people. No one need their time wasted like this.
  18. RQ every game

    I report formally and in-formally to staff assistants, but I think bans need to be longer than 2 days. I mean who's to say people weren't going to come back in 3-4 days anyway? I also don't see the same players on daily basis that a 2 day ban would be a huge impact. So I think 2 day ban has not real effect. Just throwing it out there? Also I think it would be good to issue warnings for complainers. Someone is always unhappy about something or criticizing someone's game play. The other day I saw someone tell another player that people like him ruin the game for others. This was only because he was good. Is that right or fair? No it's not really, and why make people who've put 300+ hours into the game feel bad about finally being able to get good at the game and do well? Look,. the objective of an infected type of game (or ZAM) is to stay alive. Whether you knife, camp or snipe, that's the goal. And when you are a zombie yeah it sucks but this is the deed you do when playing the game because later when you are a hunter you don't want zombies AFK'ing or RQ'ing on you. That's my rant, but really I think the server needs to toughen up and build a solid player and member base. Just dare go on the "polite and friendly" servers and say something foul or against the server or rules.. you'll be banned for a very long time. ZAM could learn a lot of things from this to be an even better place to play a game.
  19. ZAM Black Ops 3

    I would love some claymores!
  20. How do a good report.

    lol I don't speak/understand french unfortunately. But funny thing, I do have some French music collected from when iTunes use to give away 2 free songs every week. One of them was always French
  21. How do a good report.

    Good job. Also, steam can be configured to store screenshots in a different directory on your hard drive when you press F12. You can then also create the report post and insert that image. This might be desired if people don't want to fill up their steam profile pictures posted with ugly console images
  22. New graphic card

    I was also going to suggest this but Griggs beat me to it. Especially if your current card is older, just sell it and get what you can for it and buy a 9xx or Titan if you want to splurge.
  23. Let's makes ZAM perfect!!

    @Classixz - thanks for the detailed reply. I notice with 2.0 that all maps are large now, regardless of the number of players. Is this permanent or will be changed back to how it was in 1.9? Large maps with few players gets a bit on the frustrating side. Cheers, thanks for all your work on 2.0
  24. Let's makes ZAM perfect!!

    As of yesterday on EU you can't buy any C4, but on US server you can? Add to list if anyone reading these. cheers,
  25. Free gift from Crouch Dragon

    @Wario (aka Cookie Monster) received a full MVP purchase from me today to help donate to ZAM and also as random act of kindness. Enjoy!