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  1. Double starting loadout

    Step 1 : spawn with no gun at start (bug ?) step 2 : take master hunter class step 3 : You have no gun but you can still hold the killstreak remote thingy (counter spy UAV) step 4 : wait till the countdown is over while holding the remote counter uav and you get a free mpl + a side gun + your own loadout total of 4 guns and 2 grenades tested 2 times on a regular player acc (no vip) need video ?
  2. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Yeah forgot about zombie dlc's weapons and black market weapons... Haven't played much since they added all this stuff tbh.
  3. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Regarding the actual gameplay of bo3, have you planned to delete the new movement mechanics (double jump / wall run ) ? Because this new way of playing is, let's be honest, far from what we have experienced in BO1. Regarding the weapons, bring back some old weapons from bo / waw is cool. Weapons like PPSH, MP40, mp5k...
  4. ZAM Black Ops 3

    #MakeZAMGreatAgain Joke aside I'm really looking forward to see bo3's zam. Hope you can bring back some old feelings
  5. Wast's editing thread

    New edit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OQF0zBN_YA
  6. Zam on BO3 need to be cleared

    @ShameOnYou Yeah but you can also creat Dolly Cam on theather mod which mean it's way more than a cfg
  7. Zam on BO3 need to be cleared

    There is already some external console. No idea if it's GSC related tho.
  8. Wast's editing thread

    I wish I could but 35hours of work for each edit can't really do more :/
  9. Wast's editing thread

    Best one I have done so far :D
  10. Wast's editing thread

    Ah ah thank you again <3
  11. Wast's editing thread

    S6's TeamTage 30 My best edit so far <3
  12. Happy birthday, Wast!

    Funny dislike man.
  13. Wast's editing thread

    S6 RC response
  14. Wast's editing thread

    Ah ah thanks, I found this song funny too ^^'
  15. Wast's editing thread

    New edit :