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  1. Step 1 : spawn with no gun at start (bug ?) step 2 : take master hunter class step 3 : You have no gun but you can still hold the killstreak remote thingy (counter spy UAV) step 4 : wait till the countdown is over while holding the remote counter uav and you get a free mpl + a side gun + your own loadout total of 4 guns and 2 grenades tested 2 times on a regular player acc (no vip) need video ?
  2. Yeah forgot about zombie dlc's weapons and black market weapons... Haven't played much since they added all this stuff tbh.
  3. Regarding the actual gameplay of bo3, have you planned to delete the new movement mechanics (double jump / wall run ) ? Because this new way of playing is, let's be honest, far from what we have experienced in BO1. Regarding the weapons, bring back some old weapons from bo / waw is cool. Weapons like PPSH, MP40, mp5k...
  4. #MakeZAMGreatAgain Joke aside I'm really looking forward to see bo3's zam. Hope you can bring back some old feelings
  5. New edit : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OQF0zBN_YA
  6. @ShameOnYou Yeah but you can also creat Dolly Cam on theather mod which mean it's way more than a cfg
  7. There is already some external console. No idea if it's GSC related tho.
  8. I wish I could but 35hours of work for each edit can't really do more :/
  9. Best one I have done so far :D
  10. S6's TeamTage 30 My best edit so far <3
  11. Ah ah thanks, I found this song funny too ^^'
  12. What's the point of posting that ? It's awkward for us to read this...
  13. Was very fun to play with you / work with you on the knifetage. Wish you the best, i know you gonna go far !
  14. Create my own effects using differents tools provided by After Effect.
  15. Wast

    Hot Keys

    Macros isn't allowed, check by yourself : http://undeaduprising.net/new/index.php?/topic/210-rules-of-zam/
  16. Not going to be a part of this. The main reason is I almost stopped playing Call Of Duty and don't have that much free time lately.
  17. Striikey's Final Montage by Nasty Wast Decent edit but still funny to watch
  18. Wanna wrote your name with cades ? I did it and actually it's funny :)
  19. forgive, but don't forget. There is no way someone can just come, say sorry and then have a new start. Actually i don't know you and i don't mind much BUT if you really want to prove people you changed then just stop act like a immature kid and wait for people to notice you did some effort.
  20. To be honest i don't see that much people paying 50$ for a skin. Would be better if it can be a "custom skin" so it will be worth paying. Like someone say "Yo can you make me a Joker Skin, i will pay 40$ for that" and then Classix make a skin like that http://imgur.com/lJiP4sY Actually i don't know if it's possible to do that with a server scrypts ( so we won't have to re-download the mod again and again everytime) Just a cool idea that would allow UU to make extra money for the servers but will also make some extra work for Classix :(
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