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  1. Don't accept random friend request so... Help ppl in game / told them how to apply when you are in-game or even on the website's shoutbox. Everything on the website is enough apparent to make sens if he is smart. But it's realy cool to have someone that takes 30 of his life to help someone to apply for moderator when the dead line is reached xD
  2. Ho realy ? Never saw you there.
  3. I trade all my cards against background / emoticon
  4. Wast


    I'm pretty sure i have less than 2 kick on both server xD
  5. I will be on holiday on the 5th of July to the 18th of July. I stay in France but i'm going to the south (more sun !)
  6. As title says, write here when (and where if you want) you're going on holidays. I think it's pretty usefull to know when people won't be active on the server / website.
  7. ah ah old video ;) Reminds me when we had no over powered items like deathcall and raven... In Fact this gameplay isn't that good, but back in the day it was pretty good.
  8. According to me UU-S isn't a good idea. Sniping isn't the main gameplay of ZAM (Knife and camp are). But i wish Echo and iamindy the best with this, and hope it won't finish like UU-K.
  9. Agree. And don't make it nuketown only, it's boring.
  10. My favorite youtuber is Pamaj. In Fact i don't really like what he does, but i really enjoyed what he did in the past. His old montages remind me myself 2 years ago.... He also gave me the wish to start editing. I watch lot of editing channel like PGTworld, editors clubs, NorthdickTv and some Tut's maker. Atm my favorite youtube channel is JirayaEtSkyyart. It's a french channel that make League of legend content.
  11. You teached me the word "twerp" xD
  12. I enjoyed Jwow, best youtube channel ever xD
  13. It would be cool if you add a filmtweak, or something like that. Promod has one that increase your fps.
  14. Have fun on vacation, see you :D
  15. Since rage quiters still leaving under 11 zombies after several ban we have to do something. My idea is to creat a malus system. How it will works : After 2 ban, rage quiters will have a "malus week". What is a "malus week" ? As survivor : you're not allowed to use the normal shop. Instead of that, you will have a custom shop with ammo, normal cad and P cad only. Your starter weapon will be kiapris/asp. Pink camo (unicolor) so other player can see that you are a rage quiter. ____ 300 POSTS OMFG
  16. Happy Birthday ! sorry for being late :ph34r:
  17. How this project going ?
  18. I always thought it was Array or nuketown.. But yeah nice topic :D
  19. Yeah so we will camp on the tower B)
  20. Yup, i haven't play blops for ~4 months, but now i'm back. I understood that black ops 1 is one of the best call of duty and i won't let him empty of player.
  21. Since the past 2 weeks i'm slowly coming back on Black ops / Zam so yeah why not :)
  22. It will be better if you need to get at least 1 gem to teleport on the weaponry. Because last time i have done the EE I mad cuz all noob got specials guns before me :<
  23. When i used to play a lot of zam (on US and EU server) i only saw you 1 time...
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