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  1. If ever you need some tips about editing, you can ask me :D But yeah nice project
  2. Yup. Idk how many steps but the first one is to find 5 limb thingy on the ground and press F. I know all their spot :>
  3. nice update, but can you provide more info about "+Easter eggs" I've played one game on small Array and it's funny.
  4. here's my present : Done in few minuts inside After Effect ;) I've done everything on this pic' (i didn't copy/past other pictures etc...)
  5. Ho and idk if someone is interested by my feedback, but this guy (SlimyMaster) should have a chance since you accept random kid that paid for mod'...
  6. Seems like that Oneshoot will become the new "DragonballZ / haribo etc..." Don't make the same mistake with this guy... tempban him whenever you can <3
  7. Wast

    Array TOWER

    5:45 nice fails :P nice gameplay, i like the fact you camp on the tower (not overused spot)
  8. http://www.mcvuk.com/news/read/we-ll-launch-gta-on-other-platforms-if-that-s-where-the-consumers-are/0127813
  9. Happy Easter :ph34r: Nah happy Birthday
  10. Well, that sux, it was funny to play mw3 with/vs you :D
  11. Wast


    Activate his mvp, then ban him ? That's not fair, but that's funny B)
  12. Well, i hate this kind of immature french kid because they make the french community look like assholes... That's really annoying since some of us try to be mature.
  13. My translation : This message is in french because i'm bored of admins, they think they can do anything. Now i said to this website, if it do nothing, i'll call the police, because you ask us to respect rules so admins should respect them too. And +, he restart maps when you're playing, it's annoying so UndeadUprising, if you don't do anything i'll complaint for scam (Not sure about this word) !!!!!!!!! If you haven't understood, use google translate ______ You think i've done english grammar mistakes ? Nope, i translated his text :S (his text don't really have any sense...) ____ You can dislike his post. :troll:
  14. I don't realy like your edit... Soz but it's true. Clips are bad and edit is like ... with Windows Movie Maker...
  15. Macro aren't allowed, so i guess Knife Script too. You can report him on the report section. But you need a proof like a vid' or something like that. Btw, nice to see a [WaP] member around :)
  16. Happy Birthday dude. Btw how old are you ? :D
  17. If you record black ops or cod4, use demos. I heard that you can convert them to mp4 by using some tools.
  18. If you record a video in 30 fps / 480p then render it on sony vegas at 60fps / 720p, it will give you the same video... Sony vegas can't create pixels that not exist, or frames... You can trust me
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