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  1. If you have a Nvidia : _____ If the quality is bad, it's because 1) You don't have the good settings 2) You computer is too slow
  2. Next time make your reports on "Report player" section. Need your video cuz saying "he is always firstr zombie and killing all in minute.we dont have fun because he hacking.he catch me through wall " can't obv be hack.
  3. CTF too. Some ppl need marathon pro.
  4. Nice sounds and nice idea. (exept the Headshoot idea ;) ). I hope Kex will try to make something with those sounds.
  5. Pikatchu, calm down... He is not the only one who act like a kid on this topic (I'm not talking about you Ramsy, don't worry).
  6. http://undeaduprising.net/forums/index.php?/user/1574-psypronarbeby/
  7. Title by Iamindy ? I think make a random rotation is a good thing.
  8. GTFO, ballistic knife allowed plzzz. I've already got banned from lot of server by using this gun.
  9. Me no die plzzzzzzz :D It's just you know, always same spots, same ppl, same guns... It's boring. But don't worry, all you added has inspired me to stay a little longer. I have lost my interest for knife, idk why, maybe server lags, maybe my "own fault"...
  10. Wast

    ZAM WiP

    Let's fight ! nah, calm down
  11. ♥ you'll all miss me ♥ exept if you see that
  12. Hey, i have a sad news... But first i'm going to tell you my ZEM/ZAM experience (skip this if you don't care) : I have started playing ZEM when it comes up. I used to play 3 hours every day, my in-game name was Rillette75 and i was "a kid" I had a very slow pc (24 fps on blops). I enjoyed every round even if i had usually 10 kills. I played like this during more than 1 years. When black ops 2 was available, i moved to xbox 360, and I had very good time with a french team that I met. But the team split up and I left. Then i bought a new pc. When i tried to join ZEM server, i saw that EU server was gone. So i checked the unranked server list and then I joined for the first time a UU server. I saw some familiar names like Myxa, lolek , dusty, njw ... Then i played a lot ZAM, take part of the website life. I finaly joined UU-K. I continued to play, met some new persons and some that i already know but they have changed their name. When i joined ZAM community, i thought it was a lot different from ZEM community. Back to the topic, I leave UU/ZAM community and obv blops at the end of the holidays. I realized that i spent 1550 hours in this game... That's too much. It's time for me to let black ops die. ZAM isn't the same anymore... Like ZEM when i left it. Maybe i just need a long break, maybe it's over for me, idk... I thank : - Myxa for took me on UU-K, and make me feel a good part of the community - All UU members that have been friendly - All person that i met on the server I don't think i have lost my time, i only have good remembrances... But it's time for me to "grow up" Maybe see you on others games !
  13. Tac glitch ... not a rules... IT IS ! Glitch aren't allowed. Spat is a good admin, stop complain about him. Rage is allowed, so he can say noob or camper or whatever.
  14. If you fail the first knife, then knife again asap (spam your knife key), it will "teleport knife" you directly at the zombie (work 100% for me). Have a low ping, good reflex and obv sound.
  15. Wast

    I'm Done

    You was the best thing ever happened to the UU community. You help a lot and was really friendly. I hope you can still have fun on the server...
  16. SPatriot is one of the best admin. He play a lot, kick or ban rules breaker. And who cares about warn ? He never kick some1 for bad reason....
  17. Bug (or sort of) : -Bug with cad limb (can destroy all the cads if it stay on the top of P for exemple) -Can't pickup tomawk (don't know if it's a bug) My ideas : Add some guns from Borderlands 2 (can provide this game) Add the Crossbow (with the same effect as in Zombie mode) New type of zombie : Fast zombie. He have X3 speed, but only 100 hp. MY 200 POST ! Where is my cookie ?
  18. Genesis (or Kickarse ;D), ofc i am. I've done a 1 year break of pc gaming. Got an xbox and black ops 2 ... I came back because i bought a new pc (i run blops in 120 fps instead of 24 for my old laptop).
  19. Work fine too on Ipod Touch 4th G
  20. My bad ping : C:\Users\Antoine>tracert Détermination de l'itinéraire vers [] avec un maximum de 30 sauts : 1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms livebox.home [] 2 81 ms 19 ms 19 ms 3 18 ms 18 ms 21 ms 4 19 ms 21 ms 18 ms xe-2-3-0-0.ncidf302.NeuillySurMarne.franceteleco m.net [] 5 20 ms 20 ms 21 ms ae43-0.nimsr302.Paris.francetelecom.net [193.252 .159.153] 6 21 ms 23 ms 23 ms 7 114 ms 115 ms 116 ms 8 143 ms 138 ms 138 ms vlan80.csw3.Paris1.Level3.net [] 9 140 ms 140 ms 139 ms ae-81-81.ebr1.Paris1.Level3.net [] 10 139 ms 139 ms 140 ms ae-46-46.ebr1.London1.Level3.net [] 11 138 ms 138 ms 138 ms vlan103.ebr2.London1.Level3.net [] 12 140 ms 138 ms 139 ms ae-45-45.ebr2.Amsterdam1.Level3.net [ ] 13 139 ms 139 ms 138 ms ae-58-223.csw2.Amsterdam1.Level3.net [ 10] 14 142 ms 142 ms 137 ms 15 43 ms 44 ms 42 ms CHOOPA-LLC.edge4.Amsterdam1.Level3.net [212.72.4 3.162] 16 141 ms 139 ms 141 ms [] Itinéraire déterminé. C:\Users\Antoine>
  21. Rage quiters are annoying, but we need them to have a full server. So permanant ban is not a good idea. Do the opposite of Zem because this server is dying isn't a good reason too. I think we should let people take their responsability and assume their mistakes. *I have a dream... a server without rage quit*
  22. Some good textures for camos. I have lot of others textures (M.P me if you want them)
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