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  1. Nuketown Easter Egg?

    I was playing on ZAM and when we got to Nuketown on rotation, I was casually playing, then my screen got blurred, then became white. I died, then the ground disappeared, I was walking on black ground and sky was black too. Someone said this was an easter egg. Please explain? I wanna try it!
  2. Double Weapon XP and Fracture Live!

    Sigh, I remember the times where it was only DLC and not pay-to-win gumballs and most guns are locked in supply drops and you have a %0.001 of getting.
  3. HI!

    Good luck on your application. Here's a tip though.
  4. Ragequit nerf

    I really want this to happen. The way they call it RQ shouldn't happen. If someone has no choice but to leave in the middle of a game and do stuff for their parents instead of serving a few days of punishment from your parents all just to avoid a 1-day ban from a virtual mini-game. That isn't RQ. Angry kids being killed cuz of their noobiness and leaving in the middle of a game while they're a zombie getting tired of getting killed by hardcore campers is RQ. I got an idea, we should do a system where it detects whether people got disconnected from the internet or suffered a computer problem or get connection interrupted or ragequit and left the game. If one gets dc, they MIGHT get excused. If they ragequit, they will be given a ban, or one of those 'notices'. I hate having to wait till the possibly 10 minute game ends just to leave, and people with strict parents suffer the most. MAKE THIS RULE LESS STRICT!!!!
  5. how many time ? MVP

    I hate waiting, but fine