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  1. ZAM Adverts

  2. ZAM Adverts

  3. ZAM Adverts

    I was bored so I thought it would be cool to make an advertisement for ZAM. I don't expect this to be used or anything of the sort. Just wanted people to see it because I thought it was cool. Link:
  4. Let's makes ZAM perfect!!

    I have a video of the glitch where you are a Zombie before the "apocalypse" starts. Video:
  5. ZAM 2.0 Is really bad

    the title is just my personal opinion. Its alot better now but before the glitches were patched, in my opinion, zam 2.0 was bad.
  6. ZAM 2.0 Is really bad

    So on 2.0 when you first start the game you have a 50/50 chance to be put on zombie team. if you are then you get guns and choose class just like as a survivor, but now you can kill survivors with them. Lots of other glitches too that i will have to remember later.
  7. Salty people on ZAM

    Yeah ill definitely be doing one of those. It's kind of funny though because whenever you get a kill he will call you a hacker XD
  8. Salty people on ZAM

    ZAM has some toxic people on the server. Such as Isi2k. I hope we can do something about it, because its really downgrading the experience for me and I'm starting to play on ZAM less because of it.
  9. On firing range if you go to E4 in the box, there is a little hole there. If you have Arlington you can easily fly up and out of the map from there. Just thought you guys might want to know because it is breaking the game. ~anguish
  10. apply for zam member

    It all looks good but you should have copied and pasted the template and filled the answers out there. Your in-game name: Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: How much do you play ZAM?: Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No):