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  1. Camp Spots

    Its sure the only possibility to kill the human who camp at this spot is to limb him but this too its hard so when people are hard camping at this spot i will say that we have 5% to chance to kill them
  2. New Website!

    Good works, i use on the phone but for me this forget to some colours. But yes its nice.?
  3. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    You are inactiv since 2 or 3 months, and soudently you arrive for say something like this. You are young, and i dont know why you are not enough intelligent to admit that some efforts have been made about my english, and "take an English class" wow thanks bren but in france all the schools have a english class, And weird there is only you who say that bren
  4. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    What is your name when you play? @VintoreZ Dislike my post @Nagini when i said something like this? It show lot of about yourself
  5. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    He is more activ on the server than you ? @Dennyb @VintoreZ ?
  6. No drama pls

    Really we all know how is peacy if he isnt ban for this reason in 1 day he will be ban for an another reason or this reason After i have any problem with him
  7. ZAM 2.2.0

  8. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    Hey i am skoll like the (vikings) beer And the more important its that i am french And my english start to be better day by day via this community. Thats all
  9. nagini's vidz

    Nice game camp.?
  10. How to pump a your skill in ZAM?

    For your first topics its nice to see that you do things like that continue like this flame.!
  11. How do a good report.

  12. Bruh.

    It can be easy... Oh fuck i didn't read the "isn't retarded"... it will be difficult to find someone who are not ahahah is a joke... I have some ideas gracjan, my name is Jeff, btc, skoll...
  13. Bruh.

    Chaos you don't have been with us during 1 year, and soudently you Come Back and you want have a staff ? Some players wait that since 1 or 2 year... Be patient. And i will be the once who will suport you.
  14. Bruh.

    But ... what is dificult ? To find how choose good guys for the staff or aply thé staff to the players. If you can explain to me please. @Griggs