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  1. Let's start from the early beggining, Me and Nagini were discussing a topic about reviving the UU-K clan back. Classixz let us do that. I offered Nagini to be a leader, but he denied the offer and he wanted to be a Co-Leader. Since Bloody was the last retired UU-K leader, who hasn't been online for a really long time, we are handing the management of the clan over our control. New Leader: Fade New Co-Leader: Nagini Our goal is to revive it in any way we can, at first it will be difficult for us to recruit a crew, since all good UU-K members have stopped visiting ZAM and people who play ZAM mostly camping than running. But I hope we will find a way to cope with that problem and i wish the players who were accepted wouldn't be worse than the previous ones. We have also removed a recruitment such as to beat/win any of our testers, to say in a shorter 1v1 test, as it had been before due to some difference with ping, because when you are a host your hits rate register faster than of participant. We would be really glad to see some knife servers (which are extinct as of now), so that we could spectate players' abilities at knifing, but since there aren't any knife servers we'll just omit that and 1v1 test as well. We are enough of watching people knifing skills on ZAM, and not their knife skills only, but their adequacy and relationship between players they play with (I mean being nice to them, be always ready to help, etc.). Some notes: I don't know is there going to be UU-K loadout, I'll contact classixz about that when he is free.
  2. The Peanut got mad

  3. ZAM players

    Only if you pay money to advertise the server, but griggz and classixz have already tried and it didn't help. So i have no idea how can we revive ZAM.
  4. Can't play zam atm.

    Hi there, my PC is finally new, by that i mean i deleted windows and reinstalled it (everything were deleted except other disks: D, F, G, H), it is absolutely clear now, i have already downloaded steam, teamspeak3 and everything works fine (i have already tried to play zam and didn't notice any disrepairs in my PC, like buzzes in system unit etc.), my videocard and CPU work fine too, i hope that it won't happen again... Yeah probably it was hacking or it was an old virus (50/50), but seems now i won't be hacked anymore only if i don't make a mistake again. As griggz said: well, as long as you dont fail, it wont fak up. Thanks for reading. ~Fade.
  5. ZAM Gungame #3

    Great video!
  6. Can't play zam atm.

    Yeah griggz has already told me, but i don't wanna risk anymore xDD. Anyway thanks for good recommendation :^)
  7. Can't play zam atm.

    Hi everyone, i finally arrived to home and got problems... Yesterday i had some problems with my PC, i noticed that my disk C works on 100% and if i run some program my PC getting lagged and i can't do anything. This happened due to one virus program i downloaded (IdleMaster - program which farms cards to upgrade your steam level, which i donwloaded not from official site) on the 20-22th of June, this virus makes my CPU working on 100%, spams every sec ads in google, and my desktop automaticly changing the background to black, and yeah PC was lagging aswell, when my PC was already cleaned, i noticed some trojans (they were setteled in C:/windows/system32) which my antivirus found, i also deleted them but i still was keep feel that my PC is not so clean yet, and now i have problems again, someone told me that it is probably hacking through the chat, like "Ride Call" etc., it means that my PC is the same as zombie which helps hackers and eats my resourses while i have problems. I'll uninstall my windows 8.1 and install new one on Monday and i can play again. P.S. just let everyone know.
  8. Advanced ZAM Vote 2.0

    Pretty good idea! Nice one.
  9. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    Doesn't even matter that Flame is more active than denny and vintorez or not, they both said such they have never seen him on the server that's all. And in general guys here simply wanted to welcome him. btw welcome Flame.
  10. idk

    idk i tried to join to the server with UU clan tag and then i got kicked and couldn't change the clan tag through the simple game menu, i opened the console on the server and removed UU clan tag by this command and got kicked one more time then i rejoined and it worked for me
  11. idk

    When you joined the server open the console and type "/clanname Aj" for example and the UU clantag will be removed.
  12. ZAM 2.3.X

    Always nice updates, thank you to classixz and griggz who care about the server and making it better and more better! :^)
  13. ZAM 2.2.0

    It happened with me like yesterday lol. xD
  14. More

    Great video!
  15. Boy Boy Patarino ZAM Montage

    Pat the troll king and the god of flying limbs. n1!