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  1. Bugs on EU and RU servers

    1- The EU Bug:- Map:Jungle in the bunker he was the last survivor while i joined the game i was next to him Video: 2- The RU Bug:- Map: Nuketown in the green house , the tactical insertion glitch.He put it on the stairs ,he respwaned and jumped inside the room . Video:
  2. New server?

    I agree wiith you , and if we can use all the snipers ,you should put a rule (no spray )
  3. Bugs on 1.5

    Desert Eagle(the noisy gun) while a survivor is using it and i was far away from him i hear the voice of the gun loudly like if im standing next to him . btw, if you are a survivor you hear the voice its look like the gun got a silencer so i think the voices should be switched.
  4. New Awesome video!!!

    Not scared :D fail :P
  5. More Sexy Camo Ideas for ZAM

    Nice especially the m16 and spas ggod job ;)