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  1. Selling Few Accounts

    idk i forgot but not lower than gold
  2. Selling Few Accounts

    What do u mean?
  3. Selling Few Accounts

    5 bucks ex di the origin account alone is like 25+
  4. Yo, Iam selling a Origin acc and 2 Uplay acc's Origin Acc : Dead Space 3 , Battlefield 1 , Dead Space , PvZ Garden Warfare, Star wars battlefront , Titanfall Uplay 1 : Rainbow Six Siege with All Characters and 30K Renown (and few other games i think) Uplay 2 : Rainbow six siege Most of the Chars 50k Renown Platinum Rank If Anybody is interested just reply here and make an offer
  5. MyXas Humiliating Staff Applications

    HAHAHAHAH damn
  6. Bomber Zombie bugged

    As i can remember this shit has been bugged forever but maybe its just me
  7. Camp time limit :o

    Complete bullshit this mod is made for camping Iam not a fan of camping either but that would be complete bullshit imagine there are 10 zombies and u are alone or with another human Of course u could run but camping is in situations like that fun too if that ever gets implemented idk.
  8. Forcefield

    "Run" Kappa
  9. Bug Reports

    lol i found these bugs and no credits for me ggwp Edit; Traitor
  10. Little Suggestion

    Yo dude i dont know i just typed what fell in my mind
  11. Little Suggestion

    @Jesse and me came a little idea = More Cadestreaks 100 = SR-71 140 = Minigun? 180 = ??? 200 = Mustang & Sally's ?
  12. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    Iam Everyday on the server so cant be true
  13. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    Never seen you on the server too but Welcome anyways i guess
  14. New special zombies?

    Tank zombie: -You can hear him from far away -5k HP maybe? -Normal Movement But needs like 5-8 hits to kill someone? -Very rare. ( W/e Would fit ) EDIT: Or See him 24/7 on the map instead of hearing him from far away