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  1. 5 bucks ex di the origin account alone is like 25+
  2. Yo, Iam selling a Origin acc and 2 Uplay acc's Origin Acc : Dead Space 3 , Battlefield 1 , Dead Space , PvZ Garden Warfare, Star wars battlefront , Titanfall Uplay 1 : Rainbow Six Siege with All Characters and 30K Renown (and few other games i think) Uplay 2 : Rainbow six siege Most of the Chars 50k Renown Platinum Rank If Anybody is interested just reply here and make an offer
  3. As i can remember this shit has been bugged forever but maybe its just me
  4. Complete bullshit this mod is made for camping Iam not a fan of camping either but that would be complete bullshit imagine there are 10 zombies and u are alone or with another human Of course u could run but camping is in situations like that fun too if that ever gets implemented idk.
  5. VintoreZ

    Bug Reports

    lol i found these bugs and no credits for me ggwp Edit; Traitor
  6. Yo dude i dont know i just typed what fell in my mind
  7. @Jesse and me came a little idea = More Cadestreaks 100 = SR-71 140 = Minigun? 180 = ??? 200 = Mustang & Sally's ?
  8. Iam Everyday on the server so cant be true
  9. Never seen you on the server too but Welcome anyways i guess
  10. Tank zombie: -You can hear him from far away -5k HP maybe? -Normal Movement But needs like 5-8 hits to kill someone? -Very rare. ( W/e Would fit ) EDIT: Or See him 24/7 on the map instead of hearing him from far away
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