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  1. Camp Spots

    Alright guys, I got an idea regarding camping in ZAM. I dont know how you guys feel about it but Iam sure everyone knows about it. The worst thing for me in ZAM is playing zombie against 5 to 6 guys camping on a spot you cant reach if there arent like 11 zombies in the game the tower on array for example. My suggestion is getting another version of these maps in the game where camp spots like this dont exist and swap to these maps if there are a low amount of players in the game. I dont know if its possible for Classixz to even do that but if it is it would be awesome. I feel like this would make the experience for players alot better (hunters and zombies), I also think that the amount of rage quits will decreas when there is an actual chance to kill the hunters. + iam remaking some maps at the moment to get them on the style i talked about before gonna take a while as iam not too good at creating maps yet but i really hope we can get this going. Tell me what you think and any problems you have with my idea as I really think this could better the mod alot.
  2. Bunker Mod

    Alright, thanks Griggs man appreciate that.
  3. Bunker Mod

    Hi guys/girls, I just started working at some maps with the bunker mod and got some questions to it. First of all the blocks I place always spawn underneath me, which is ok but if i want to place blocks in the air i have to stack them which means the blocks underneath are still there as i can only delete the last blocks placed. My other question is when i finished a map who do i contact, and who tests it with me if it's good enough and bug free. + a small problem I got with the mod, I can only rotate the blocks in 10 degree steps at a time, which makes the exact placing of blocks difficult to impossible sometimes. But that doesn't matter to much. Would be awesome if I could get some helpful responds. Thanks, Dragonlord