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  1. Party games bug (ZAM)

    Sorry. Didn't know it would get you that mad.
  2. ZAM 3.1 suggestion

    I have a few ideas for ZAM 3.1. 1. Rainbow colored cade or just different colors. 2. Locus sniper from bo3. 3. Maybe zam member and zam admin cades?? 4. Camos for all weapons and not just the primary gun like the MPL but on all guns like the snipers and pistols and maybe even the knife. 5. Max level 300? Those are all the suggestions I have right now.
  3. Suggestion

    That's actually a good idea.
  4. Party games bug (ZAM)

    Please play zam again??
  5. ZAM=Member Application

    1. Your in-game name: Lil' Trump 2. Your Steam profile link: 3. What country are you from?: United States 4. How much do you play ZAM?: At least 4-5 days a week 5. Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes