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Consultancy in every field can better the work, make it prosper in many ways and the results can reach heights. Right amount of consultation is very important here as it can spin a wand to your work and make more effective and flawless. Consultancy in Vastu is an important aspect here as it plays a major role in building the luck of a place. Any auspicious place needs a vastu consultancy so that they can abide by the vastu laws. Dr. Anand Bhardwaj is the world’s highest qualified vastu consultant who has mastered in the field of Vastu with his skills and experience. The amount of experience and knowledge he has is non competitive in today’s time. He is the director of International Institute of Vaidic culture. In that institute, he scatters the knowledge of Vastu as he believes that vastu has been endangered in today’s time so to keep the spark alive, he has started up with an institute which deals with vastu knowledge in multiple forms like feng shui, numerology, vastu, vastu shastra, energy scanning and reiki. He has an experience of 43 years which is more than enough in the field of vastu. His client servicing quality is been loved by everyone at all times.

vastu expert in Delhi

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