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  1. You're not descriptive enough. How can we trust you if you have no proof (evidence) at all? Oh, so I could try to get admin once again and ban you for no apparent reason. Seems legit. Jokes aside. I don't think anybody has been banned without any evidence before, but I might be wrong about that.
  2. Maybe if more people voiced their own "opinions" on certain topics, then they wouldn't be complaining at all. How many topics do we need to talk about one thing?
  3. The 500 DMG Knife item description in Misty's skin is talking about the standard normal knife in Black Ops. This means while you're using the Misty skin, the standard normal knife will deal 500 DMG to the zombies instead of 300-350 DMG without the Misty skin. I don't think that this is a bug at all but I might be wrong about that. You're obviously missing something and I've already told you about that. The Bowie knife is available only in the Platinum Class that I'm aware of but I might be wrong about that as well. Yes, I'm sure that Misty has the standard normal knife. Hopefully I (we) answered your questions.
  4. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day! <3

    1. Brebe


      Thank you bro<3

  5. This bullshit stopped since November 19, 2016. can bumping topics stop pl0x? I know that I bumped this topic.
  6. You're either being sarcastic or you aren't too sure what is he really asking for. Good looking logo @KingJake. Hopefully that logo will look great on the clothes that your sponsor gives you. Hopefully you get the help that you're looking for cause I know how it feels to get something that you truly want but you can't really afford getting it yourself. Good luck next year bud, you're gonna need it.
  7. Happy Birthday bud!

    1. KingJake


      Thank you dude. :)


  8. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and always. Happy Birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day!

  10. The ZAM U.S. Server went where every other server went when they went "offline" (according to Gametracker/Gameservers). I'm not too sure if you were here at the time, but there have been people on the forums/website talking about the U.S. server. I don't know much about the U.S. server, but I think that someone could just buy the server and go from there or do something else. In my opinion, I think that having 1 server is better than having 2 servers. It keeps that server active from time to time than it usually was.
  11. Happy Birthday Emmaaa!  ?

  12. You didn't do anything wrong at all. I'm just surprised that you didn't understand BIGz' comment the way most of us actually "understood" it. Have you ever heard of "irony?"
  13. Why are the two of you (Fade and *FR*Skoll) still arguing over something that isn't technically important to read at all? What is it going to take for the two of you to "apologize" to each other and move on with your lives? Like others and I have said to the two of you about this, you guys still don't listen to us and do what you think is best (whether or not it's the best thing to do or isn't the best thing to do). Just lock this topic.
  14. Thank you for your service.

    Happy Veterans Day!

  15. Happy Birthday Echo! xD

  16. No need to apologize. The picture doesn't seem that big, it seems like a "reasonable" (an acceptable) size. Overall, I'd say that you have done a satisfying job. Keep it up!
  17. I know that I'm tardy, but "Happy Birthday Stoner!"

    1. xStoner420x


      Thanks Viirus. I beg to differ about your retarded comment, far from it. Thanks again.

  18. I appreciate the invitation this weekend, but I won't be able to make it. I've already made big plans and wish I could cancel them all. Good luck and have fun y'all! Enjoy your weekend!
  19. Happy Birthday @SniperCat [MeowKiller]! Hopefully you had a considerable day, and satisfying presents.


    1. Asphodelos


      Meow bruh :D Ty Viirus. 

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