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  1. @Fade @*FR*skoll If you guys don't want to get into an argument (or have some sort of fight happen), then I suggest that you guys just apologize whether you think you're right or not and promise to be mindful of the other person's feelings. Just diminish this argument and move on with your lives.
  2. The platinum class only has a Normal Knife, Galvaknuckles, Bowie Knife, and Sickle. I don't know where the "balli in the hunter class" came from. But, in my opinion, I like/prefer the sickle ballistics. Either your keyboard finally broke once again, or you finally knew/know how to use clickbait titles.
  3. That just reminded me of how long Leafy's animated transitions are like. xD @ZoMbieK9 Nice clips! Keep it up.
  4. Happy Birthday Relow!


    I know how much you love these. Hopefully you get one.

    1. Relow


      Haha u remember :D already got some :) Thanks m8

  5. @*FR*skoll I understand what Unforgotten was typing (in that comment of his). You don't need to reiterate it to me at all. I understand what you have been saying this whole time *FR*skoll. I don't even know why are we going "off topic" and arguing about other stuff/things.
  6. Sometimes I feel like you don't understand what others type (say). I'm not jealous towards Griggs at all. I don't even know where you thought of something like that. But, I am jealous to certain individuals in this community and I won't specify who.
  7. I just wanted to stop by your profile and say something meaningful to you. I'm not too sure (positive) if you will ever return to this website.

    Happy Birthday cousain!

    Wish you were still here. :( :cry: 

    1. KniiFe_QuiiKz


      Ty Cousin :)) im still There but im busy with school so i have Not much time Cousin :( wish you the Best <3

  8. @aShamed I guess that he's some random human being living on planet Earth who enjoys exaggerating and being sarcastic with/to others.
  9. I've seen a few individuals say that to you. I haven't seen "every" active user on this website tell that to you. There's a difference between everyone and a few individuals.
  10. It's not like many new users did that back then. *Wink Wink*
  11. There's a difference between "1 word," "words," a "sentence", "sentences," a "paragraph," and "paragraphs." It took you 10 words to type right there. Peace out. Hope to see you in the future (that is if you "actually" decide to come back).
  12. I personally wouldn't use the words "kicked out." I would think of it as just promotions and demotions. At the moment, you can apply for "ZAM Staff" which is located under the "Recruitment Section" on the website/forums. If you can't find it (which apparently you can't), then I'll give you the link to go check it out → https://undeaduprising.net/forums/forum/184-recruitment/. You're welcome (No problem). You make a pretty good point here. But, here's something that you should actually think about. I've noticed (i'm pretty sure others have as well) that the servers haven't been "very populated" nowadays, so there's really no point having an administrator(s) on at that time. But, when the servers have players on, I barely see most staff members on at that time. I could probably name 1 current staff member who I consider "loyal" and "trustworthy" when it comes to doing his job. I don't know what the rest of the staff members are doing besides Classixz and Griggzor. If you really want to be an administrator, then apply and do what you are "required" to do. If not, then there's really no point in being one. If you guys really want active administrators, then start finding active users on the servers. It's just that simple.
  13. This is a pretty good introduction. Now I know more about you. <-- Don't take this too seriously. I wish you luck at school. Hope to see the new and improved you in the future.
  14. I know that, that's why I read your text. I'm just trying to help you out somehow.
  15. You aren't the only one. I'm positive that people still remembered "Resurrection." We weren't able to use it because it was still a "Work in Progress." I personally like the idea, but the cost of it would have to change to something that we would agree on.
  16. Guess who's back... back again. I just realized that your Topic Title is named "Guess who's back...," and I decided to finished the rest of the sentence just for you. I remember you! I'm glad to see that you decided to come back to this community and play some Black Ops once again. It's good to see old/former players returning. I hope to see you in-game sometime in the future.
  17. @ZoMbieK9 I'm not too sure if that was just a setup or if that was an actual kill. Good job, I guess.
  18. Don't worry about that. The "Google Doc" automatically saves the session.
  19. You're right they could be translated from the internet. You probably didn't read Classixz's comment on the "ZAM Black Ops 3" topic or maybe you did read it but you probably didn't understand it properly. Classixz personally thinks that it's better to ask people that know the language for a better translation instead of using an automatic one. Hope you understand now. Weird how I said the same exact thing. You read my mind real good. It's Brebe's decision if he wants to help out.
  20. Nope. I'm planning to take Spanish during my years in College.
  21. @Classixz I've started learning the Portuguese language, but I feel like I can be able to do it (have a good understanding of it). I'm currently available at the moment to help or assist your project. Here's my Gmail and you can think about it → lisforlenny@gmail.com You're welcome!
  22. Ouch! Good luck with your school work (homework). You're going to need it. Hope to see you soon.
  23. Since the topic is locked, I will use this topic to discuss my own personal thoughts. Everything was going fine before this nonsense started happening. The leaders of UU and ZAM kicked out all the current admins of ZAM and members of UU, and now it feels like 2013 all over again. The topic title says it all, "The Rebirth of UndeadUprising." I for one wouldn't reconsider this as the rebirth of UndeadUprising and ZombieAnnihilationMod. Maybe the clan wasn't working out properly, maybe things started to collapse/crumble, or maybe it just died out of no where. Who knows? This change should be impacting everyone who is apart of the UndeadUprising clan but it isn't. Certain people do seem to care about this, but they are all reacting to it differently. Also, certain people don't seem to care at all and/or haven't heard about the news/announcement (rebirth of UU and ZAM) yet. I'm not saying that the leaders of UU and ZAM should take the blame for all of this nonsense. It was their decision to do so in the first place. It should be the rest of us that should be taking the blame instead. Maybe you guys didn't fully understand what Griggs said when he made that topic. At first, I didn't understand/know what Griggs said in that topic, but after reading that topic over and over again it made more logical sense to me. I just wanted to thank gart3 for taking his own time to make another announcement. I feel like doing that, people managed to calm down, people started having a better understanding of what's currently going on, and people didn't have to worry a lot (that much) anymore. Seeing the "Recruitment Forum" change was a bullshit thing to do in my opinion. You can't really apply for UU, ZAM, or the UU-Subdivisions (I'm not too sure if that's true at the moment, but I feel like it is true). Now, all you can apply for is "ZAM Staff" at the moment. I cannot believe that they decided to make it really "easy" to make it in as a staff member, and really "easy" to get kicked out of the team. All you have to do is follow the requirements, and make some type of bunker that they will enjoy implementing on the mod. Who even thought of something like this? Most of us remembered/knew how "hard" it was to become a staff member, and how "easy" it was for the leaders to kick us out (if they had a reason to do so). Why couldn't it have been the same like it always was? Why did it take you guys this long to make a move like this? If the leaders of UU and ZAM care about the community that much (a lot) shouldn't they be making a move/transition on a daily basis. Just a thought. Ever since I made it back into the clan (about 3-4 weeks ago before this nonsense happened), I promised you guys many contributions that I am willing to give in/to this community. Did I ever get the chance to contribute to this community? No, not at all because you guys didn't give me enough time to contribute to this community the way I wanted to contribute to it. Maybe I might get another chance to do so? I'll just have to wait and find out. With the previous staff team, I could/would care less about them. There weren't that many staff members at the time, and they just started becoming lazy, and inactive. I just hope with this big change that there will be even a better staff team then there used to be. Let's just wait and find out. I personally hate/dislike having to start fresh once again. But guess what? I'm going to have to deal with this fresh start no matter what really happens. I feel like this community will "officially" be back in business (to normal) once everybody gets their ranks back. That seems fair enough. But overall, Indy made some pretty good points regarding ZAM and UU.
  24. Happy Birthday @Savannah.

    Still don't know who you are.

    1. Savannah


      @ViiRuS_iQuicKZ a random game developer who just likes to play on zam

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