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  1. I'm not too positive but I think that you could make a "Support Ticket." https://undeaduprising.net/forums/forum/133-support-administration/
  2. Happy Birthday *FR*skoll.

    Enjoy your birthday and your day off!

    1. Baguette


      Tank you viirus!  ?

  3. Happy Birthday uvenus!

    Enjoy your day off!

    And don't forget to rekt those salty skrubs on CS:GO.

  4. There's plenty of camping spots to choose from on each map and I like most of them. Just be glad that people actually dedicate or have already dedicated their own time to construct new spots to share with you guys to experience and enjoy. This is why there's the !like and !dislike commands. If you "truly like" a map then type in the !like command in-game if you want. If you "truly dislike" a map then type in the !dislike command in-game if you want. It's that simple. There are certain spots on each map that players don't even bother camping at and I just wonder why are these spots even implemented to the mod. I'd say maybe update maps that people truly "dislike" and go from there.
  5. Many people have already mentioned about the First Infected Bug/Glitch when ZAM 2.0 came out. You're not the only one. Thanks for sharing! I'm pretty sure that this will be fixed soon.
  6. People find a way to purchase something (things) from the ZAM Store.
  7. "This video is private. Sorry about that." That's what I'm getting.
  8. @BrEn! I suppose you're talking about the "Long Sprint."
  9. It's really cool to see people helping out others however he/she can in this community. “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”
  10. Happy Birthday @Frupissss.

    Enjoy your day off!

  11. inb4 people were complaining about ZAM v1.6 being bad. But, he's right.
  12. There ya go. Thanks for clearing that up, Braby*.
  13. Happy Birthday jackmonkeybomb!

    1. iamindy33


      i think he is still banned from the website :x

    2. viirus_iquickz
  14. @AndrewChaput You've already talked to me on TeamSpeak about this. As Kevin said, you've worked really hard to try to get into UU and you managed to do it. Good thing that you resigned before they kicked you out of the clan. Cya! Hope to see you on the servers and on TeamSpeak in the future. @*FR*skoll That's AndrewChaput aka "Punisher." @gart3 Does "Kicking someone out of the UU Steam Group" count?
  15. I'd be glad to talk to you from time to time. I just don't know what your "password" is on your channel on TeamSpeak. I'll ask you when you get on Steam later. Hope to see you on ZAM from time to time in the future. It would be great to play with you once again. Sad to see you leave UU, but it was your decision anyways. I'll accept your apology. You're welcome. Enjoy your future, BrEn!
  16. @Moon Bear It's sad to see someone else leave the clan and staff team. Thanks for the great times that I got a chance to play with you and/or chat with you on TeamSpeak. Also, thanks for the great memories we've had this past year. I won't forget it. You were UU's only girl and you did a pretty great job for UU and ZAM. You did a fine job handling the drama that happened and I was really surprised that you didn't leave. Good thinking that people convinced you to stay. Welcome to the "Retired Staff Member" Team. Enjoy! There comes a time that people have to move on with their lives and I guess that's what you are passionate about.
  17. This is why "English" is the 3rd most popular language in this world. @*FR*skoll Are you the person on the left or on the right?
  18. Well, I don't know how you "look" like in real life. So, I cannot answer that question to you.
  19. At least give credit to the other Siri Alternatives out there. I did the best I could to try to find the name of the song, but unfortunately I couldn't find it.
  20. Damn, I'm just glad to see that you're all okay. First Bloody gets into an accident, then Dodie Clark gets into an accident. Get well soon! Hope to see you once again!
  21. @iNSANiTY @NMAPLE12 http://www.autonet.ca/fr/2007/04/26/audi-tt-2008--si-belle-que-dame-nature-en-pleurait!-fr - I found this car on a Canadian Website. Just look through the picture slideshow. https://goo.gl/v5GR7y
  22. It's because that topic was "locked." Apparently, you can't quote any comments on "locked" topics. I should of done more thinking about locking these topics on the website back then. But if you ever need a topic unlocked that I accidentally locked you can always contact the "staff" and they would be happy to do it.
  23. That's probably (got to be) one of the reasons why new players leave and never return to the servers. As people say, it's not that hard to get/purchase Speedo. But, if you're brand new to the mod you have no clue what each item does in the shop. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Just fix it by implementing "LightWeight Pro" in the Free Loadout. Then no one will die due to fall damage. Simple as that. Same applies to the "Black Ops 1 Skorpion." For 200 points, I can annihilate a zombie with 500 hp in a matter of seconds with this weapon. Bots have flashbangs. Are you trying to make us (Human Beings) become bots (A.I.) as well?
  24. 1. If the L96A1 is 850 points then why is it considered a "Normal Weapon?" The damage on this weapon is pretty good and deserves to be in the "Good Weapons" category. 2. Is it really necessary to have two PPSH-41's on the mod? Why not just have one PPSH-41? 3. If the Flamethrower is 1000 points then why is it considered an "Expert Weapon?" The damage on this weapon is not that good and deserves to be in the "Good Weapons" category perhaps. 4. When you call in dogs on small maps (small version of the map(s)), I notice that they get stuck outside the map. When playing on a small map (small version of the map(s)), is it possible to have some type of text that says "You do realize that you are playing on a small map (small version of the map(s)). If you buy dogs on a small map (small version of the map(s)), they will be stuck outside the map and won't help you in any way (to rack up your points). Are you sure that you want to buy dogs after reading all of this?" This way, this would give the survivors a chance to save 2000 points to buy other items that are more important to buy for their survival.
  25. You are a cool friend that I know, and I’m so glad that I can consider you as my "best friend." I hope that you have the happiest birthday ever.

    Happy Birthday Patriot! Enjoy and have some fun.


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