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  1. We're having an advertising competition and I want to win ;-;
  2. Idea for ZAM

    Close it, it's a piece of shit that doesn't deserve to exist.
  3. Everyone Join ZE! Hosted and Updated by Unity! It's way better than this shitty mod, and it's administration isn't made up of ignorant twatheads. To connect to the European (EU) server, either look for "If they wanted to join they already knew the name" (in red) under UNRANKED in the Server Browser, or type this into your console: /connect It's the same for the IP. To connect to the American (US) server, either look for "If they wanted to join they already knew the name" (in purple) under UNRANKED in the Server Browser, or type this into your console: /connect It's the same for the IP. Hope to see you there!
  4. My Last Farewell

    Hi everyone. Bet you thought you'd never see my avatar again. I'm just stopping buy to say that I'm never stopping buy again. In fact the only reason I really came to this site today is because I wanted to grab the URL for my avatar, but I figured I might as well set this in stone. I left ZAM over six months ago, initially because v5 sucked balls. I returned about a month later and actually started to play it regularly again before things started to fall apart. I'd like to say that it started with me getting warned for no reason, but it really didn't. It started a long time before that and never really ended. I can look back at my time spent on ZAM and say that every single second I spent both on this site and on the mod was just delaying the inevitable. The writing was painted on the walls from day one but I ignored it because I was enjoying myself. From the constant abuse directed towards Ramsy, the almost comical greediness of Kex, the gap between admin and player wider than I'd even thought possible, etc., it was all just a roller coaster of boredom and pain. The final straw, as many of you know and many do not know, was Viirus. He spent practically a month going on the server and trash talking every single player, calling them racial slurs, homophobic slurs, calling them noobs or losers, over and over and over again. I reported him for it, and you know what happened? My report thread got deleted. Kex made up some bullshit excuse about the pictures not loading, which WAS bullshit (I checked on three different computers, they all worked just fine) and didn't even look at the video I recorded (it only has one view, mine, even to this day). So I dropped everything and left. That was months ago. Since that incident I've only gone onto the server once, last week, because I wanted to see if anyone was actually playing it. Many of you know that ZEM recently popped up again. I'm currently a moderator on ZEM, and I call that server my home now. I will never start up ZAM again. I'm deleting the mods from my BO1 directory, something I should have done months ago. I'm not going to return to this website ever again, even to check on this thread. It just isn't worth it. Addendum: Because I don't really want this to seem like a scream of rage, I'm going to add this short edit. I have no hatred toward the staff or administration of ZAM. I did at one point, but I don't anymore. A few months ago there was talk of DDOS attacks or something, but all of that's behind me. This post wasn't intended to be an attack on the administration, or be seen as a personal insult to Kex. It isn't. This is just my way of saying "Thanks for all the great times I might have had, guys, but this is a flawed happiness and it's time to move on." I'd just like to say thank you to Echo, for making my day a little brighter, even though I haven't really talked to him a lot in a while. And, of course, a HUGE thank you to Ramsy, for showing me why I couldn't stay here, and for giving me a chance to disentomb myself. Goodbye, UU. Forever.
  5. ~~1,000th Post Party~~

    *pops cork off vodka bottle* Welcome to GD's ~~1,000th Post Party~~! We've got boats, hoes, beer, and a thousand posts to sift through! Take a seat, have a cigar, check your soul at the door and have a jolly ol' time at the ~~1,000th Post Party~~!
  6. Creative new spots

    Or just remove all of the zombie shop items except health and normal tomahawk.
  7. Creative new spots

    MAP: Launch IMAGE(S): Neh. The spot that people used to always glitch on to. WHY THIS SPOT SHOULD BE ALLOWED: Because it's the only good campspot on the whole damn map and blocking it off is just stupid.
  8. [PC] GTA V news, anyone?

    Yeah it's being released soon, actually:
  9. KniiFe_QuiiKz

    TFDW (Too fail, didn't watch)
  10. KniiFe_QuiiKz

  11. KinG's Resignation

    Double post shit
  12. KinG's Resignation

    It's not like this site gets much of anything else done.
  13. Camping as zombie

    That's a bit hyperbolic of you to say.
  14. KinG's Resignation

    It's not like this site gets much of anything else done.