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  1. Your memories!

    I remember when I use to play.
  2. Knifing Help

    Well found out im hopeless at knifing, any1 able to give me some tips? Thankyou
  3. Bugs On Knife Server.

    Couldn't find a bug report for Knife server so just posted it here. Ok first of all I see a lot of people using Gas, Wille Petes, tomahawks Are these allowed because almost everyone uses them. Second I saw today that the mortar killstreak doesn't get you kicked.
  4. A New "UZM" Server

    Don't mean to thread bump but. I think its finally up saw a server named UndeadsZombieMod.
  5. Best dad ever?

  6. Why is this there? :O

    Just found this on Nuketown why is it there? http://steamcommunit...s/?id=212700573 Also just a random screenshot of a retarded body.
  7. Sore bum?

    BeCAusE IndYS KEYbOarD IS STuFFfEd Up
  8. Bonar?

  9. Why is this there? :O

    Haha thanks ;)
  10. Why is this there? :O

    Well dang Whenever I try to quote it doesn't work but yeah just weird
  11. Why is this there? :O

    Yeah was just walking past then noticed black cades, thought it might've been and old flag spot or something?
  12. New server?

    tell me the secret or else.. XD
  13. New server?

    You need a macro or something because im so slow using shop I would press 4 4 1 for a cade or something and it just opens shop.
  14. New server?

    Ah shame woulda been nice, cant stack with my ping.
  15. Knifing Help

    Lol thanks for the help all.
  16. New server?

    How bout Australian Zam server xD
  17. zam

    Yeah go zam
  18. ZAM WiP

    So is there an estimate on when the server will be up?
  19. New server?

    Sniper server with r700 and m40a3 would be cool.
  20. Knifing Help

    Low ping.. yeeaaaah...
  21. More updates for 1.5 or start to work on 1.6?

    1.5 didn't come out too long ago id say a few more updates on it
  22. ZAM WiP

    Ah k cool I have both versions and people still play both
  23. 2 New COD 4 servers up!

    Says server isn't found.
  24. ZAM WiP

    Looks great I loved cod4, will this be on 1.7 or 1.0?
  25. Goodbye!

    Cya, Don't think I've actually seen you before tho :P 25 posts!