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    Playing Zombies Us and sniping :D
  1. Moderator Application for the EU server

    AgAIN yeS
  2. Moderator Application for the EU server

    Me too
  3. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    I have not seen you post ideas.
  4. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Runner Class:Start with swift and only bowie with balstics and if they camp it auto kills them, and make it so they are not able to cade with they class. Or this is another idea with the same name'Runner Class' It gives them a sog knife that can deal 400 damage and make them start with swift.And they cant cade, Or camp without getting auto killed.
  5. Moderator App

    The Yes's and No's Decide on if they will or wont
  6. Moderator App

    GO IQUCKZ <3
  7. Moderator App

    A yes from me, When im online he's always not breaking rules, and he always makes sure noone is breaking a rule.
  8. My Goal To A 50 Knife Streak!:D

    Nice ;3
  9. Gone, FOREVER

  10. Gone, FOREVER

    We will miss you echo
  11. Gone, FOREVER

    This is really sad :( What about airbender?
  12. Website Updates

    XD Yes
  13. Black Ops Steam Account $15

    I would buy it, But I don't need a new acount :P
  14. Internet speed?

    Actually I belive I have the best ;D
  15. New Server