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  1. is zam dead? 

    a Zombie?
  2. is zam dead? 

    Brady ZAM is dead that is a fact.
  3. thanks for forget me
  4. New ways to generate revenue for ZAM

    True but griggs ye i have some ideas like Weapons skins that moves like AR 15 Frostbite in H1z1 or some items in MMORPG
  5. a few questions

    hey guys i have a few questions ZAM will now get 4 years old in 2 weeks so... you will try to safe ZAM from dieing? and dont say its not possible ... this is bullshit who is leading ZAM atm? becaus im not the only one thing that Gart failed hard sorry to say it so truth but its so i like you gart you are my friend what do you plan for the future? Classixz is ZAM now come to Bo3? or not? gg itzz Kerbey it would be nice if some can answer it Classixz & Griggz or Gart
  6. a few questions

    hey Griggs its nice to hear that you think like me! idk how good is Classixz in programming and and but its a "BIG" idea but if he can do it what you would say to an Kickstarter for an own game?(only a idea) now we come to things that can be become true i mean ye a complete new ZAM would be great and i think ZAM need again Admins like Kevin and Patriot becaus they can lead a community i only mean remember back 2-(4) years it was other i mean like ZAM = Camping why then cry about campers why stop at kills? let them survive(only the time) ... ZAM has many things that make it GREEEAAT but if you stop it with a killcounter becaus guys get mad becaus they are zombie so they need to play better.
  7. KinderBueno Make Video on ZAM#1

    I left looong agoo but today on german time i will be on the ZAM servers for Kevin Becaus you suck vs bots pls ... really pls stop making videos ty
  8. KinderBueno Make Video on ZAM#1

    I hope you stop to do videos thank you.
  9. not a UU anymore but always will be

    wait wait you dont love me :(? feels bad ...
  10. The Love IsReal :O

    Hey Boys and Moonbear i only wanna say Goodbye and i will leave UU becaus its no reason to be stay in it... but i love the most of you! Im now 3 years here
  11. The Love IsReal :O

    Hell ye you can talk everytime with me if you want only write me in Steam : KeRbEy and i come Teamspeak
  12. The Love IsReal :O

    Its has his reason but i dont want do talk about it again 20 times ... so i do it short I Love you too moonie @stlmokevin @The One Patriot My only ever Head Admins you are the best guys ^^ love you no homo
  13. sry for sleeped but happy birthday :D

  14. What do you drive?

    ez its only cost 2.000.000$ Griggs best Photo
  15. I leave ZAM...

    he forgot me KeeeeeeeeeRRRRRRRRRBEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY byebye
  16. The Future of UndeadUprising

    Thank you for the Good Time in ZAM and UU R.I.P
  17. my first join on zam with my old name Viirus said to me what is this little kid in the voice chat (after 3-4 hours playing) virus sad to see that you leave ... but we have funny talks on Teamspeak in the future i hope GG Rest in Peace Virus luv you (nohomo) Kerbey.
  18. Applications

    Dude i say alot and i dont want join that kid fight i only say what i think they mean but me wayne when i dont like guys i dont talk with them and finish but wayne now i only wanna say what i think they mean lel Kerbeeey(btw my last msg to this topic.)
  19. Applications

    That is like a little kid fight here pls... i think what the EU-UU guys want say is that the guys who do the Interview are all from US and dont know what the guys on the EU servers do... but pls when you have a problem with a guy talk with him i understand it nothing about the news UU i dont have a problem but i think UU is a clan its open to all but i think when you are 18-20 then you dont want to be with guys they are 12-14 i understand both sides i dont want to go in 1 side becaus for me is that a kiddo fight but ye the old system i find is bad. i hope you understand what i mean i write it really fast Kerbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
  20. ZAM idea

    i cant sheeesh xD im not Classixz i think its little bit op but okay xD
  21. ZAM idea

    dat is a knockback limb lel
  22. Bye Bye ZAM !.

    only 1 question why you do a thread i think no one cares if you go. //Edit Btw Bye. (lel im salty today)
  23. Changing up the shop

    ahh that you mean^^ that you can fix when you do that you get kicked if the files not the same of the Server
  24. Changing up the shop

    mhh idk how to manipulation becaus the Points are Server sided lel :? other manipulation idk but i think thats a great Idea
  25. New Limb??

    Sry but need really say to op only wait for 1000 points sniper in the window you in kill all over xD ^^