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Found 153 results

  1. Masterkey attachment bugged

    So yea, the masterkey attachment seems to be bugged and not working, I got the Titus weapon and Commando multiple attachments from random weapon and both of em have the masterkey attachment but it doesn't work. Don't know about grenade launchers, they might be bugged too, haven't tested yet, here is a screenshot what i mean: PS: The axis zombie is still bugged, i made a topic about it like 2 weeks ago so might wanna look into that aswell, here is the link for that:
  2. Commander class

    Hi there! I have a class idea an decided to share with you guys, let me know what you think MVP Class: Commander What it contains: 800 points Commando: Multiple attachments, has reflex sight, suppressor, dual mag and masterkey 600 points Care Package: An airdrop crate that contains random killstreak reward or ammo (like in the multiplayer) 1800 points Chopper Gunner: Killstreak reward from black ops multiplayer, you an gunner of an attack helicopter with an minigun (Pretty sure you guys know what this is) 200 points: 2x Semtex grenades: This is something we don't have in the mod yet, semtex grenades, i think it would be cool to have em in the mod (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure we don't have em yet)
  3. ZAM Gungame #2

    enjoy, ignore the voices in the background, they were busy coding for their MW2 server and i didnt get a chance to mute my sound on discord
  4. ZAM Gungame

    enjoy, ignore the voices in the background, they were busy coding for their MW2 server and i didnt get a chance to mute my sound on discord
  5. More

    Longer video than usually this time, if you don't like camping i recommend you NOT to watch the video Anyways guys i hope you enjoy it:
  6. HP bug

    So, i have already got 500hp, but when i came to place where people were camping, my hp changed to 300 Here are some screenshots: 1) (Thu Jul 13 11:43:18 2017). 2) (Thu Jul 13 11:43:27 2017).
  7. Funny bug

    Yesterday i randomly got killed by the zombie (after timer expired and the zombies have been already choosen) and i somehow revived as human and i was able to choose all classes, skins again, as in the beginning of the game. 0_o
  8. How do i imagine new cades.

    Hello, today i made some examples how do i imagine new zam cades for staffs, there are 2 pictures, okey here is example I am not PS pro but i tried to make them somehow beautiful and it's only my imagine, try to imagine this too. I think barricades blue and red color looks good, i didn't want to make some barricades pictures yet, because they were looked so close to the cades in zam (like green, purple and admin cade). It's just an example, you can remake them on your wish and publish it here. They are probably haven't similar outline but nvm
  9. Axis zombie bug

    Axis zombie seems to be bugging out sometimes, you get the limb but nothing else, here are screenshots what i mean:
  10. Another video

    New video is out, hope you guys enjoy this one, more will be out soon aswell!
  11. Balance Suggestion for AA12

    Hello there everyone! A lot of people use the AA12 shotgun and might buy it very early on. And because its so powerful, it leaves zombies pretty much no chances in small numbers. So my suggestion is: You cannot buy AA12 unless there is atleast 10 zombies. I think this would balance this weapon quite a bit since its very frustrating when people buy it when there is only about 5 zombies.
  12. A few suggestions for zam

    I made up some suggestions for improving zam. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -500 points to each new zam player (500 points works while the player has less than 15 connections, to explain the guy how to cade, play and use the shop). -20% Chance of getting a weapon from BO2 for players who plays the Free class and hasn't any priveleges. -New cades for ZAM Staff (From Assistant Staff to Junior Admin. Somehow to let people know that they shouldn't break staffs' cades or they may be banned except new players with only 15 connections). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thats all i could made up atm, thanks for reading.
  13. ZAM Suggestion (cade price)

    I don't play the mod really much at all now, but i played it recently and I've since wanted to try and get back into it, but there is a single problem, the cade price. In a perfect world i would be able to have 30 ping like some of you European players, but it isn't a perfect world and since it started I've had 280 to now being 340 ping. trying to get enough cades down when they were double the price and hit points of what they used to be was hard enough because of the ping, but now it is impossible, That hectic situation that doesn't really happen very often anymore is something i cannot do, and which isn't because of the skill level but is because of how the game is. I do strongly urge you to take the barricade price and hit box a bit higher but if you don't ye i understand not many people have it like me and if most people prefer small price and smaller hit box then i'm outvoted. Thanks anyways ~Bren
  14. Cade price bug

    I have recently noticed some problems with cade price, in the shop said (Normal Baricade 50 pts), if you have for example only 45 points and you bought a cade for them your points will change to -5 then quick back to 0. I think the same problem with Standing barricade price.
  15. My skin idea

    Hello everyone I'm coming out with another idea for Zam and this time its a skin for hunters. So the skin would be called Bomber or Suicide bomber. Things the skin would contain: Start with 2xC4 (like you can buy from the store), 3 frag grenades or semtex grenades instead of the tomahawks, and 40 kill streak reward get free Rolling Thunder, that's the killstreak Marksman class has in its class shop. I think it would fit well for a bomber class, maybe a mortar team at 30 kill streak aswell? And special ability: Able to kill yourself with an explosion of C4 by spamming the 6 number on your keyboard (like bomber zombie) to kill all zombies around you within small radius. Note you don't need to have C4 as an equipment to do this since the skin would have C4 attached to it's chest. The ability to kill yourself is not really useful but rather funny and i think it would create some funny moments in Zam, like being last one alive, running around and exploding and killing yourself. xD Also i got an idea what skin would look like, its a suicide bomber from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, link here: I hope you guys like my idea, i took some time thinking about this one. Let me know what you think about it
  16. Small idea for camos

    Hi there! I have a small idea about the camos we have for the black ops 1 SMGS currently. What you guys think if normal users (not platinum) would a very low change (like 5%) to start with a golden SMG? I think it would be cool and ppl would like it and be surprised when they get it And for platinum users, when changing the class on the website there would be an option to pick golden camo for your black ops 1 SMG instead of getting the other camos we currently have. And if possible same thing for the black ops 2 SMGS? I know its a small idea but i think people would like it, and more platinum users would use the black ops 1 SMG's to get that sweet gold camo. Let me know what you guys think
  17. So i started youtube

    Started an youtube channel, here is my first gameplay video, let me know what you think about it in the comments
  18. ZAM Event

    ZAM Summer Event next week? Thoughts? Ideas?
  19. Zam Sun bug

    I turn off sun in game settings and this happened ----> if you need more proof let me know, thx for the help.
  20. Hi I have MVP and I recently bought Misty skin. I usually see people have bowie knife with the misty skin. I am not talking about buying it in the raven class shop, but they have it since the game starts. Even in the ZAM SHOP item description it says that you get a 500 damage knife. So my question is , is this a bug ? Am I missing something ? Is bowie only available in the platinum class ? Does Misty have only the normal knife ? Thank you for any useful answer.
  21. Brebe's streamings

    Hello guys I'll start Youtube Streaming.I usually stream Saturday or Sunday. My first stream I hope guys enjoy.
  22. Ok so probably I am not the only one who has been waiting longer than it should for the items to be activated after we made a purchase. I understand there is only 1 guy who adds stuff to the server, which honestly it's not my problem it is the managers problem. I suggest it would be nice to add an refund option to the store so people could at least get their money back after the promises of the site did not happen. People buy this stuff because they like the mod and they want to support it ( like me ) but if this is the way to manage things around here .... well give people the option to get back their money. Start taking things a little more seriously...