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Found 156 results

  1. Brebe's streamings

    Hello guys I'll start Youtube Streaming.I usually stream Saturday or Sunday. My first stream I hope guys enjoy.
  2. Ok so probably I am not the only one who has been waiting longer than it should for the items to be activated after we made a purchase. I understand there is only 1 guy who adds stuff to the server, which honestly it's not my problem it is the managers problem. I suggest it would be nice to add an refund option to the store so people could at least get their money back after the promises of the site did not happen. People buy this stuff because they like the mod and they want to support it ( like me ) but if this is the way to manage things around here .... well give people the option to get back their money. Start taking things a little more seriously...
  3. Zombies with gun

    I've been killed often by zombies with guns That makes no fun! i hope you can fix it !
  4. mcermslr123

    Beni lütfen Zombie annilaton V20 de MVP ye yükseltin
  5. KinderBueno Make Video on ZAM#1

    New video on ZAM in my channel YouTube. My Channel: The video: (Like And Subscribe for more)
  6. Console down

  7. An Account with plat all skins except hazmat and sarah and the account also includes mvp and vip all for 17$ contact me on facebook if intrested or comment It also has bo3
  8. What happened?

    Okay, so pretty much I come back after a year and, for one, everything has changed. Maps, (minor) for example. But something that really struck me as odd was that there are almost no admins, cuz they all got kicked, and that you can't apply. From what I see, I think UU needs a few more admins, especially since the few that have admin status aren't very active.
  9. Life after death

    I think that a new thing for the wizard class called life after death. What this does is you have a chance of becoming human again. The more u buy it the better your chances are. Ex.) One time buy costs 500 points and give you 1/20 chance of becoming human again. Second time costs 600 points and gives you 2/20 chance.
  10. My new Video

    my first vid on zam
  11. As you can see from the title and have probably noticed I haven't been that active lately. The main reason for this is school. Since I have to redo my year I really gotta go full in now. I can't fail it this year or else i'll have to drop down. I'm currently going for photographer (offschool lessons) and Economy. These lessons are very hard, so I have to study alot, I mean.. We got 2 tests the second day of school. The second reason I am not that active currently is because I'm working 2 jobs. I recently lent money from my parents to buy a car, a pretty expensive one and i already paid off 80K. But now i still have to pay off about 46k So i'm working 2 jobs after school, and investing money (on my mums account lul) and at night, i get around 4-5 hours of sleep a day the rest is going towards school and studying. I just came off work btw, so I am really tired typing this so I am sorry if I made any spelling mistakes. Thought I'd share this with you guys so you don't think I forgot about ZAM & UU. I'll do my best to play a few games a day I took next week off to focus on school and ofcourse a bit on UU. Don't worry (or maybe to bad for you if you don't like me) I am not resigning or quitting UU/ZAM. Welp Thanks for reading I guess. Going back to studying now.
  12. why do people camp in zam.

    I like trains. 2 words behind "train". 6 letters in "train". 6-2 is 3. 3 is the amount of nipples emmaa has. 3 is also the amount of edges a dorito has. indy eats dorritos. indy is also illuminati. illuminati is a triangle. triangle has 3 edges. indy is 21. 21/3 is 7. 7 is comprised of 5 letters. 7-5 is 2. 2 is the amount of weapons newbies in zam start of with. newbies cant knife. knifing is for runners. running can lead to early death. Donald trumps presidency will have an early death. newbies stay with a group to survive. surviving make u live longer. u need points to live. u shoot zombies for points. shooting is safer. staying together is safer. that is why people camp in zam. sorry for long post. here is a potatoge.
  13. Glitch

    When you mess with the game settings like the sun settings it creates a black box on one direction the more you look twards it it getts bigger
  14. Heyy i am back in ZAM

    Hello all i am back in ZAM with a new obj
  15. Hummmm little bugs.

    There was a bug when the game started a zombie has been chooses for be zombie zombie but there was always the counter (you can look this in this screen ) #Baguette : 4437
  16. Bug reports

    Hey guys i don't know if the fpsboost bug just for me or for all but when i active my fps and i try to press on my mouse for aime , its change my fps, and it makes me bug. plz corrige this, thank you.
  17. Let's makes ZAM perfect!!

    Hey it's Brebe This topic is bugs report in 2.0 ZAM. 2.0 is really awsome but many glitch i will report the bug and idea about 2.0/ "-" this is the bug. "*" idea -Can't change weapon in Change weapon loadout. -We can buy unlimited c4 -Teamspeak award is not working *10000 score limite hmm i love it, but it's end soon I wanna play more with my friends
  18. Fade #IAMBACK

    100000000000000000x Hello to whole community! So i am back to ZAM again, i am happy to see UU members, staffs again Reason of my return: I saw that zam is v2.0!!! And i wanted to test it, i havent seen something new except new sounds, but the BIGGEST reason of my return it is when i saw that people started play zam! So i came back!
  19. Hello guys It's Brebe Maybe all US's players knows me. Anyway, I have some idea in ZAM At first New cmd.... "!Thirdperson" or "!TPS" Yeah, i know this is hard for creator. Cuz Automatic No. But i want to try them !thirdperson or !TPS it's really interesting for me. For example, This is picture as for example But it's COD4 . cuz i couldN't find in COD BO COD4 1 Next idea "Multiple attachment on Platinum class." CODBO has Multiple attachment perks so, add Platinum perk it. So, Perks → Speedo and Ninja. Speedo and Small Cross hair. New Speedo&Multiple attachment. When you are using this perk. You can use 2 attachment on Starting Weapon. Like this These are my idea. Thank you for watching my post. And If you can post your impression. Like what do you think of? Sorry for BAD English!
  20. New skin?

    Hi everyone! I been thinking about skins recently. And i been trying to think of an new skin. As you guys know we have weapons from other cods too so why not skin? So then i thought hmmm, maybe Juggernaut skin from MW2? I think it would be epic to see juggernauts running around and shooting zombies. Not sure what it's special ability would be, maybe starting with random LMG instead of your normal starting weapons, as they do have LMG's in MW2. And maybe start with limb protecting shell perks aswell since they are big and tanky. Not even sure is this skin possible to be in the mod but decided to make a post about it. Anyways tell me what you guys think about this idea and what special abilities the new skin could have.
  21. Dear Classixz

    I got a problem , because 3 days ago i bought a VIP > MVP upgrade , because i had vip for 1 , 2 years so i wanted something better. It sill didn't activated , what can i do now?
  22. DLC new server bad idea ?

    I think that's a bad idea because it would divide the players in 3 servers instead of 2 and would make the servers more empty than they already are.
  23. ZAM // ZEM

    After having play ZEM, I found some concepts very interesting, and i'd like to propose some of them to improve ZAM. 1) The variety of zombies : with return of the tank zombie ( which get like 3000 hp but is very very slow ), and the invisible zombie, which u can see but with more difficulty, or also the healter zombie which heals zombies around him. 2) Possibility to improve a weapon : you buy a gun in the shop class, then you can get improves for it, first improve is for exemple dual mag, then red dot etc.. ( something like 4 or 5 upgrades ) 3) Which is in my opinion the most interesting concept : the gun&knife mod, which appears randonmly on some map on ZEM. In this mod, hunters aren't allow to put barricades and get some HP. So could be added in zam at the moment of the vote for restart or nextmap an option for this mod, that would make ZAM more diversified. Maybe for this option won't be abused it could not always appears in the vote. The idea is not to copy ZEM, but just to get inspiration of what they created to make ZAM better.
  24. Brebe's new intro

    Introoooo I made it I hope all guys enjoy this intro(I didN't use web) Tool : Blender About 1 hour