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Found 150 results

  1. Moderator Application

    In Game Name: ~DOLPHY~ My Steam profile link: My xuid: 11000010b3dd88d Why I want to be a moderator: I have past more than 1000 houres on ZAM I love this mod when i saw all the rules breackers that ther is I have to do something it should have an admin or a moderator every time or most every time because there is : glitcher , hacker , breacker of cade and much more Do you have any experience being a admin/mod on any other servers/games: I am already admin of a web site for sold things for gamers there is the link: Do you have a mic: yes i do i use it when I have to Where are you from: I am from France and united states becauses my parents are separed so i leave in the both half a year How old are you: 09/01/1998 15 years old , 16 in 2 weecks Which server do you want to become a moderator for : US or UE or the both because as i said i leave half a year in UE and other half in US If you become a moderator in which ways will you help the servers: If I become a moderator I will help the server by maid stop every rules breacks and i've got so many idea make the server better and more attractive for the players My notes : I am very active heaven when there is scholl ... fuck the scholl :p
  2. Jackmonkeybomb's New Parody

    Tell me if its good. Probably not cause im a bad singer.lolz
  3. I think we should have an Australian server (or atleast some place in asia). i know when the Australian server use to be up its wasnt normal to have that many people on it but maybe it was because there wasnt enough time for people to get to know the server. Anyway when the australian server was up i loved to play it and normally with friends. I get that servers cost money to get up and if people dont go on it its a wast of money but maybe just think about an Australian server.
  4. MVP But cant use classes D=

    i am mvp I think because next to class select it says im mvp but I cant use any classes )= I bought mvp 2 days ago...
  5. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    As most of you already probably know, UU has an elite clan consisted of professional knifers called UU-K, or, if you prefer - UU's Knifers. Well, it's about time that we finally bring UU-S back in. This is UU-S - UU's Snipers! UU-S will be consisted of the most expert snipers that play on the UU servers. The absolute best that can get the coolest kills, run and quickscope zombies with ease, 720 no scope Y-Ys,and can outmaneuver the enemies with their tactics will most likely be apart of this. I AIR | Echo will lead UU-S and iamindy33 will co-lead it, which means that he will help me in the general management and recruiting new members. (We already chose out coleaders, so please do not try to apply for co-leader) We will find expert players on the servers and invite them to UU-S personally. After you make an application me and iamindy33 will monitor you on Zam to see how good you are at sniping. If you feel like you are skilled enough to be in it, feel free to apply, but you HAVE to use the following template: Your Steam name: Your Steam link: Your in-game name: Your BO1 XUID: Country: Age: Which ZAM server do you play on the most?: On a scale from 1-10, how would you rate your sniping skill?: You can apply right on this thread. Please do not make any other Threads in any other section such as "joining UU/Staff Applications" If you want to make it into UU-S or ever get in it, you are OBLIGATED to follow these simple rules: I) You must be skilled with AT LEAST one type of sniper. II) Do not spam the chat, the mic or other people whilst in-game. III) Behave and respect other players just as you would want the same in return. IV) You must have the l96a1 UNLOCKED to put in an application. V) VIP's and higher are able to apply for UU-S. Members of UU-S will, as is with UU-K, get some special benefits on the servers, but you have to keep the following in mind: IF YOU ARE IN UU-K, YOU CANNOT BE IN UU-S! IF YOU ARE IN UU-S, YOU CANNOT BE IN UU-K! YOU CAN ONLY BE IN ONE OF THE TWO! IF YOU ARE IN ONE OF THE TWO AND WANT TO JOIN THE OTHER ELITE, YOU HAVE TO QUIT THE ONE YOU ARE CURRENTLY IN! Members of UU-S will have the following special load out: r700/Intervention Remington New Model Army G36C Perks: Speedo & Ghost Kill streak (still in work) 1 Kill: Small Crosshairs Perk 5 Kils: Scout Pro Perk 10 Kills: SR-71 15 Kills: Headshots do 25-75 more damage 20 Kills: 600 points 30 Kills: r700/Intervention with extended mags (if possible) 45 Kills: Gains 2 extra points per kill, and increases by 2 every kill (first kill = 100 points, second kill = 103 points and so on) *cannot be capped to a max* & Grants the Pack a punched Intervention, Does 695 damage to zombies, and instant kill to Cars, 10 bullets per clip, and 5-10% more reload speed (Slight of Hand Pro can be edited so it can reload even faster in legit BO) (Does not need to have a animated skin, as it will take alot of time) 45+Kills: SR-71 every 10 kills (Will add more killstreaks, <- this is just a substitute for later) Please only make one single application if you intend on doing so and DO NOT spam the clan/staff members into rushing you in. If and when the time is right, you will know the answer and will be accepted into UU-S. BEING IN UU-S WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY STAFF COMMANDS SUCH AS, !kick, !ban, !maprotate, etc. 1v1s will be a Private match with either me, or ?????. Gamemode: FFA Players: 2 (Maybe a third as spectator) Sniper: L96A1 ONLY Map: Nuketown If Defeat, You will not be obliged to be in UU-S. You may have a rematch every month. If you want a rematch and have lost recently, you may post here for a rematch. If Victory, You AND the co-leader or other UU-S members that we can trust to be able to 1v1 MUST take a screenshot of the end game. Coleaders & trusted members will send the screenshot to me in steam. I will post it here If anyone has won or lost. I will post If anyone has won the match and has been accepted or declined to be in UU-S. Example Here are the recent games: Random user = Defeat! Random user = Victory! Random user = Victory! Random user = Defeat! Random user = Victory! Random user = Defeat! if you have got a score of 28-29 and lost, we will think about accepting you into UU-S. Scores under 24 will be a immediate loss. Trusted Member: Destroyer : He is now capable of 1v1s!
  6. Moderator App

    I would like to apply for Moderator or for Admin (unless they are the same...) Ingame Name: Prjct_Mayhem Steam Link: http://steamcommunit...ctormanhatatas/ Do I have a mic: No, i do not because for my age i have a 'squeaky' voice... Age: 19 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:58720769 Info: I live in Old Greenwich, CT. I have been playing Video Games since i was 10/11 years old and i like to play on you're mod: ZAM. Why would l like to be moderator/admin: I would like to be moderator because i have been playing long enough to see certain people breaking rules. I see RQ (rarely now, but sometimes) and also I see blocking. Which Servers: I would like to mod/admin on both servers. If that is not possible, please on EU server. How will i help: I will help by banning/kicking/warning(warning first) the people who break rules. Ban people who break cades, RQ (Rage-Quit), and block. It said if i want to join UU i have to go to but it says 404 not found error. so i made another one. ;)
  7. Complain for V1.6

    ZAM is too unbalanced right now zombies are too strong survivors camp together like hell(too many campers in 1 spot what makes zombies harder to kill survivors) - Cade limb too unbalanced you can just spam cade limb at early game to kill all suvivors -Old Cade limb is back and you can buy it multiple times. - Minefield at jungle gives zombies free points(suicide) and left survivors without points(easy win for zombie) - Kar 98 scoped bug Fast fire like half of the desert eagle speed (with out the slow reload action) - Another Kar 98 scoped bug if you walk/run/reload with the weapon its glitches like hell. - There is a glitch on nuketown that allow you to walk up and kill pleoples(admins already know it) - If you have a cade/normal limb and a survivor throws granade at you you can throw it back and kill the survivors XD And other things more reply if there's more and let admins look at it. Possible fix? - cade limb max 2 per life - remove minefield or make it so that it dont give points. If you wonder how to shoot that fast with kar98 (you just repidly left click and reload at the same time)
  8. Fun facts about ZAM!

    Here is a topic about some fun facts about ZaM. 1. The smiley "xD" has been written 53.106 times and counting. 2. On the european server there has been 42.233 rage quits since January 12th and on the American server it's been 42.691 rage quits and counting. 3. 33.083 players and counting have played on the ZAM servers. 4. On ZAM US There were a total of 753 unique connections in the last 7 days. 5. On ZAM EU There were a total of 974 unique connections in the last 7 days. 6. ZAM EU got most active German players. 7. ZAM US got most active United States players. 8. ZAM EU got over 140 players that regulary plays every day. 9. ZAM US got over 132 players that regulary plays every day. 10. The Staff team of ZAM is 16 people. 11. ZAM US got most active noticers with 1409 Notices. 12. ZAM EU got 784 Notices. 13. Our admins on ZAM have banned 2952 players. (1806 on US & 1146 on EU) 14. Our moderators & admins on ZAM have kicked 2246 players. (1243 on US & 1003 on EU) 15. The most used weapon in ZAM is the Knife. 16. The map with most kills in ZAM is Cracked. 17. 9.270.886 Players have died on ZAM. 18. FrOzEn | ManieK/mariomaniek & |MFUD| pro_-Ninj/pro_-Ninjaabe are the most banned players in ZAM. 19. 159 players have been kicked due to unauthorized [uU] Tag.
  9. A random knife clip

    I made a little random knife clip. Please drop a comment and feedback. It's a win/fail video Also in HD. [ "]��] -BriziE
  10. New Only knife movie

    I hope you like it.
  11. Monderator Application EU

    Hey guys Nice Webpage In-Game: Sir* Slimy AGE: 18 (27.03.1995) Where are you from? Switzerland Zürich XUID: 110000106214f64 headset: yes Why do you think you should join Undead Uprising? ( Moderator ) I'm always active, I'm a very skilled player, and I'm willing to help out whenever you need any testers.on the eu server have very much german player and i can help this guys i was a good game on zem and i know all rules. i never breaking rules^. for more information ask me :lol: My name is Sir * Slimy. Sir is a German communities. Sir is specialised on sniper. Sir FunClan have a Sniper server and on it there I'm admin. That's why I've good management and control. I want you no matter where support. I thank you and hope to have a good feedback Thanks for reviewing my application.

    In-Game Name:BATMAN! Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunit...61197984137978/ why i want be a Admin:I have seen many people break the rules when no admins were on. I have a dedication to the server,I have been playing well over two years now and i thought its time for me to help protect ZAM servers. I get on most days and see people giving out free kills and Tacs,Spamming,breaking cades,ETC. I am 13 i will be turning 14 in a few short months.I hope to be playing ZAM for years on.Im aslo hoping ill be a admin protecting ZAM servers from rule breakers and hackers for years on. I would love to be an admin on the us server because i play on there more than the other ones and know people from that server.I feel the ZAM community needs more admins and more people like me.I hope you feel the same way. ,I have broken rules before,YES there any way to earn your guys trust. I love ZAM,Its my life,plz...I will update this message soon,THANKS :superman: :fuu:
  13. I want know How buy special player? whether yes how it cost? answer plz. TY
  14. Moderator Application

    In-Game name: Aghchew Steam Profile Link: Steam Id XIUD: 1100001064bcb9f Reason of applying: I've seen people who mess with the rules and they need to be dealt with, the server needs staff on that can control the server when on. I could be helpful with tons of stuff that anyone needs, be there to help people who need help. I would be moderating the server for time, I've been on for some time now and people know me. Experience: I've been mod and admin on minecraft servers but I've stopped for some time now on mc. Zam seems as if it needs mods and help to maintain the server in order to keep peace. Mic: I have a microphone and have communicated already with many staff members. Where am I from: Im from sanjose California US. Age: I am 15, date birth 1/26/1998 so my birthday is close :). Server: I would like to be staff on US or EU as im familiar to both. Why: I would help maintain with glitchers,hackers, and people abusing the way the server works. Info: I was born in California and still live here. The only place that isn't as cold as the rest around it. Im 15,soon to be 16 in about 15 days so why not sing for me. I like helping and consider myself good person to help the server.
  15. Why is this there? :O

    Just found this on Nuketown why is it there? http://steamcommunit...s/?id=212700573 Also just a random screenshot of a retarded body.
  16. Hey everybody! I was looking at the forums and I found a thread talking about ideas for a Christmas update. I said there that I would make a santa hat model on Maya and put it on a player's head. Here are some photos of what I managed to create. The code that I put to attach the model was: self Attach( "santa_hat_large", "j_helmet" ); /* "santa_hat_large" = name of model, "j_helmet" = tag attached to */ I would really love to see this in ZAM. It took a lot of testing and revising and in general was a pain in the ass for me to create. This combined with some other stuff should make for an awesome Christmas update!
  17. Hey guys. I've been playing a lot of nuketown games in ZAM, and it has gotten a bit boring just rushing the one possible entrance of each house. So, because I have the bunker mod, I decided to make a new map that maybe you guys would like. Below are the screenies of all the maps cades placed, and there is also the code for them in case anyone is interested in using. Enjoy! (the cades on the balconies are to prevent you from being knifing from underneath) level.bunkerList[0] = createBlock((481.406, 259.661, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[1] = createBlock((491.167, 222.578, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[2] = createBlock((505.222, 186.903, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[3] = createBlock((517.842, 139.509, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[4] = createBlock((531.206, 89.3204, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[5] = createBlock((547.271, 28.9875, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[6] = createBlock((538.818, 60.7366, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[7] = createBlock((520.415, 129.848, 79.4968), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[8] = createBlock((513.918, 162.06, 77.3534), (0, 105, 0)); level.bunkerList[9] = createBlock((1147.87, 296.524, 152.763), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[10] = createBlock((1066.58, 197.06, 155.642), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[11] = createBlock((808.464, 244.133, 161.707), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[12] = createBlock((-436.01, 441.678, 67.0486), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[13] = createBlock((-448.582, 404.553, 67.0486), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[14] = createBlock((-460.924, 368.106, 67.0486), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[15] = createBlock((-476.851, 321.073, 67.0486), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[16] = createBlock((-473.43, 331.175, 67.0486), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[17] = createBlock((-488.862, 285.603, 67.0486), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[18] = createBlock((-740.126, 372.496, 154.06), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[19] = createBlock((-1004.24, 603.808, 158.761), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[20] = createBlock((-887.892, 636.371, 152.716), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[21] = createBlock((999.555, 694.771, -1.31051), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[22] = createBlock((1005.87, 699.441, 24.9821), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[23] = createBlock((695.219, 517.753, 22.2185), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[24] = createBlock((707.727, 467.123, 22.2185), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[25] = createBlock((979.995, 465.171, -46.875), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[26] = createBlock((979.995, 465.171, -19.75), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[27] = createBlock((979.995, 465.171, 6.875), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[28] = createBlock((-754.857, 166.017, 16.3486), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[29] = createBlock((-728.349, 233.278, 16.3486), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[30] = createBlock((-1022.71, 131.624, -0.4168), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[31] = createBlock((-1030.43, 133.09, 26.7082), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[32] = createBlock((-663.906, 556.507, 28.495), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[33] = createBlock((837.615, 130.95, 18.6457), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[34] = createBlock((803.06, 126.68, 5.58032), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[35] = createBlock((874.206, 142.561, 43.7952), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[36] = createBlock((177.71, 360.657, 44.7419), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[37] = createBlock((42.2109, 322.077, 43.0334), (0, 0, 0)); level.bunkerList[38] = createBlock((79.3021, 545.482, -27.6907), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[39] = createBlock((79.3021, 545.482, -0.565666), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[40] = createBlock((79.3021, 545.482, 26.5593), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[41] = createBlock((21.8136, 524.66, -27.0103), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[42] = createBlock((21.8136, 524.66, 0.114746), (0, 90, 0)); level.bunkerList[43] = createBlock((21.8136, 524.66, 27.2397), (0, 90, 0));
  18. More Sexy Camo Ideas for ZAM

    Hey guys. I'm pretty sure many of you have seen my other thread about some new camos for ZAM, and there I promised I would make some more. Here are 6 new awesome custom camos I made for Black Ops, so enjoy! (link to other thread: g11 = blue tiger (mw2) galil = cyborg (bo2) kiparis = cherry blossom (bo2) m16 = ghosts (bo2; I know that it's a little faded out) spas = ce digital (bo2) uzi = graffiti (bo2)
  19. Hey guys. I'm pretty new to ZAM and the whole community. I used to be a noob modder for ZEM so I have a little bit of experience in that field. Since I saw the sexy party rock camo on starting SMGs for MVPs, I decided to pop out my old files and maybe give the developers some new camos they might want to use. Enjoy :)
  20. TheKnifingDrummer

    Hello there Undead Uprising forum readers. I am here to make a proposal about the UU Zombie Mod for Black Ops 1. I used to be very active in UU and I knifed a lot, and I was very good, but then I was hit by a car whilst riding my bike to my girlfriend's house (Not my fault). I have been unactive lately because of that and I have been starting to play more in the past 2-3 weeks, and before that happened I was talking to Classixz and some other Admin/Mod it might've been King? I don't exactly remember, but we were talking about me starting out with like ballistic knife and speedo (like an admin). I don't need any of the kick/warn/ban or anything, I just would like to start out with those to get some nice knifing clips for you guys because lets be honest, before you can get the ballistic knifes with the hunter class someone usually gets health and you end up dying. If you guys allowed me to start out with ballistic knifes and swift, I would be able to get some nice clips for you to put on a YouTube channel to help you guys get more popular since I'm a very good knifer. Maybe even King too so we could poop out the clips for you guys? Anyway, thank you for reading this post and have a great day! - TheKnifingDrummer
  21. This is an thread of ideas of new things in CoW. I want to have some new stuff for CoW atleast every 2 weeks. Post one or more ideas/discounts.
  22. Double-Kill Weekend has been added to all working servers... This will basicly just change your !stats and not give you extra points ingame. A kill as a survivor: 1 kill = 2 kills in stats A kill as a Zombie: 1 kill = 30 kills in stats VIP players: 1 kill = +3 extra kills in stats. MVP players: 1 kill = +5 extra kills in stats. This wont change game play at all, maybe more peeps playing as a Zombie now? Anyways GL!
  23. [HELP] Shop List!

    ZaM SHOP LIST GUIDE! Hunter Shop: 1. Weapons = Guns.... 2. Special Items = Equipment, Kill streaks, etc 3. Perks = Perks... 4. Barricades = Most important Item 5. Class Shop = Special Shop equipment 6. Esc = Close Shop Menu Zombie Shop: 1. Upgrade Health [100] 2. Fast Zombie [100] 3. Hell Zombie [450] 4. Remove a Limb [400] 5. Ballistic Knife [700] 6. Flak Jacket [700] 7. Hijack Satellite [500] 1. Weapons: 1. Normal Weapons 2. Good Weapons 3. Awesome Weapons 0. Random Weapon Normal Weapons: 1. Scorpion [200] 2. Enfield [200] 3. Stakeout [300] 4. L96A1 [400] 5. PM63 [400] 6. SPAS-12 [500] 7. AK-47 [500] 8. AK-74u [500] Good Weapons: 1. Famas [700] 2. Galil [800] 3. AUG [850] 4. RPK [900] 5. MP40 [900] 6. M60 [1000] 7. PPSH [1000] Awesome Weapons: 1. RPG [1500] 2. China Lake [1500] 3. Ray Gun [2000] 4. WunderWaffe [2000] 5. Flamethrower [2000] 6. Mustang & Sally [3000] Random Weapon: 1. (I cannot name every Random weapon, but you get the point) [700] 2. Special Items: 1. Max Ammo [300] 2. Camera Spike [200] 3. Molotov [250] 4. C4 [50] 5. Sentry Gun [1300] 6. RC-XD [600] 7. Dogs [2000] 8. Napalm Strike [1500] 3. Perks: 1. Speedo [500] Adds Marathon, and Leight weight 2. Ninja [400] Adds Ninja 3. Small Cross hair [150] Decreases Cross hair Size, Increasing hip-fire accuracy 4. Limb Protector [300] Will Survive One limb without Dying 4.Barricades: 1. Normal Barricade [100] (Similar to Care Package facing Flat) 2. Standing Barricade [150] (Similar to Care Package Facing Up, Paralleled Barricade) 3. Controllable Barricade [200] (Coming Soon!) 4. Controllable Standing Barricade [300] (Coming Soon!) 5.Class shops: Wehrmacht (Gun expert) 1. Sten [550] 2. STG-44 [1250] 3. PSG1 [350] 4. FG42 [950] Master Hunter (Equipment Expert) 1.Tomahawk [100] 2. Shredder [700] Hand Held Tomahawk (similar to knife) 3. Mine [150] A bomb placed under the survivor, acting like a bouncing betty 4. SOG Knife [350] Hand Held Knife Hunter 1. Molotov [350] A fiery Explosive 2. Sten [500] 3. Balistic Knife [750] 4. German Frag Grenade [150] Grenade that bounces off walls Zombie Shop: *lose After Death 1. Upgrade Health [100] Increase's Players Max health, Max health is 500. Able to get 600 health by dying 20 times in a row without killing anyone in the process 2. Fast Zombie [100] Adds Marathon, light weight 3. Hell Zombie [450] Burns Survivors when touched (2-3 second burn = A kill) 4. *Remove a Limb [400] Purchase a Tomahawk 5. Ballistic Knife [700] Does more damage than Rebirth Hands on Barricades, does not have ammunition (Normal Zombie melee attack) 6. Flak Jacket [700] Reduces damaged dealt from enemy explosives (Does not increase Health) 7 Hijack Satellite [500] Granted SR71 (Black bird) for the whole team for 60 seconds (One minute)