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Embershock's camp . New vid| /w ..

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Yo what's up. :D I am back again yeaaaaa and i brought you another video :3. Ah it's capming.. just camping.. not knifing.. not running.. just camping ok? Omg i just can't do descriptions :( 


First /w @Alapoulka

Second /w @Royal @Love


Just enjoy the video and If you would like It maybe leave me a like or comment what ever you want:3 SUBSCRIBE :/


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Is it pronounced ZAMING or ZAMMING?

Cool Video + Cool Song. Song name? And yea, you should have a topic dedicated to your videos.

It's not song that you can listen to as normal songs. I just needed some troll funny song in background because the camping only would be boring to watch so I think it gives It a little bit of energy or you know! :D

This is the original but I edited It to make that cool beat loopin whole video. :-P And I didn't save it sorry.

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