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I'm trading an Origin account for VIP on the server, if you're interested please comment down below. (To Admins, if this post is in the wrong thread, please change it, thanks.)

The origin account has:

-Battlefield 3™

-Plants vs. Zombies™ Game of the Year Edition

-Syndicate™ (1993)

The account was made on 12/09/13 ( Which makes you look like an experienced member :3)

When the VIP rank goes through, I'll transfer all my details into yours ( For example, I'll change the pass to whichever pass you want and the email to your email)

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I dont feel that is enough for vip to be fair with u.

The battlefield is 4$ and the game syndicate is nearly worthless cuz that game u got as a gift from dice and its very old and to be fair with no one plays PvZ unless the new ones.

You could get a greeting though

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