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Gg .. i like when i see players who start to do video on zam,  we be more popular and more in the comunity .

I like and i become subscriber on your channel. :)

Do that too ??

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1 hour ago, *FR*skoll said:

Your video is long :/ and this annoys us quickly .

Continue to do something video but video who during 1 or 6minutes max ..?

There's plenty of YouTube videos that are long. Are you gonna go and tell them all the same thing  ("Oh, it's a long video. It really annoys me and I can't stand it anymore")?

YouTubers can make their videos as long as they want too (as long as it follows the TOS).

You don't have to watch the whole video (it's just an option to do so). Just dedicate your own time to watch parts of the YouTube video (that's what I normally do).


@***James Emery*** 

I didn't watch your whole video, but overall it was cool.

At least there were players on.

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