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    From now on I will post Staff Changes every month on this topic as our Dynamic Staff ranking system is fully implemented now. August 2017: Fade - Promoted from Moderator to Junior Admin Nagini - Demoted from Junior Admin to Moderator
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    I mean you don't just get 1 sniper one submachine gun 1 pistol, you get x amount of points and guns cost y amount of points. You don't just get 1 sniper you can have 2 snipers but no submachine gun and no pistol. Or you can have like 6 pistols with no snipers and no submachine guns. Or maybe 3 submachine guns. Also maybe have a choice for which grenades you want etc.
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    Honestly I have Platinum Rank and every match I don't even need to buy a new weapon it's so boring and unfair. I think there should be a system where Platinum Rank gets say 30 points (on the forums) and each gun costs a different amount of points. Say, (idk what weapons will be added so I'll just used bo1 examples), R700=20, Intervention=20, Desert Eagle=5, Skorpion=15, Something like that.