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  1. Today is your birthday and it should be the best day for you to relax and enjoy the best things in life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy and UU brother that I know of. Rock on man!

    1. xStoner420x


      Thanks Viirus, I spent my b-day in a deer stand with my wife, waiting for the right buck to come along. Sadly we didn't find it that day, but we did find it the following morning and she killed it with a 160 yd shot. Damn I'm proud of her. 

      Have a good one brotha. 

  2. Fairy squad mother... where the fuck you been?? Ggggrrrr (Predator) coming for ya.


    1. stlmokevin


      in the bushes, looking for 'ze predator

  3. Happy Birthday you master of cad stacking bastard. Have a great birthday.

    1. Ramsy


      So late on this reply, but thank you man!

  4. Happy Birthday mindy man. All these years and you still have that pic of the purple dildo in your mouth. Have a blessed birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday you bastard!!!! I hope you have a great birthday my UU brother.

  6. Happy Birthday, Stoner! Today is all about you, so make it the best day ever.

  7. No drama pls

    It all comes down to one word "discretion". The length of the ban is primarily left to the discretion of the admin that types !tb.... first. Many times when I would ban a player for 3 or more days, I usually ended up reducing the length for the greater good of the server. So, not really all that different then what Nagini did.
  8. ZAM 2.3.X

    Oh yes, been there done that many many times.
  9. ZAM 2.3.X

    Since I'm the player which currently holds the record for most consecutive first zombie selections at 12 or 13, I certainly welcome the rigged zombie feature. ZAM never seemed to like the initial x in my name. Let me you know when you're ready to expand to the DLC maps, I'm ready to pay for the new server old friend.
  10. new maps?

    There are a few areas you will need to cleanup and remove excessive cades. Good job
  11. Happy Belated Birthday Pat. Hope you had a blessed day.

  12. PUBG; The Lag Is Real.

    Damn, I thought I was the only one. I'm just happy to hear it's not only me.
  13. PUBG; The Lag Is Real.

    Looks like an ID-10-t issue.
  14. OMG......i did it!

    I still remember the stacks Ramsy use to do... Damn, tallest I've ever seen.
  15. Happy Birthday brotha, I hope you have a blessed one.