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  1. Fairy squad mother... where the fuck you been?? Ggggrrrr (Predator) coming for ya.


    1. stlmokevin


      in the bushes, looking for 'ze predator

  2. Happy Birthday you master of cad stacking bastard. Have a great birthday.

    1. Ramsy


      So late on this reply, but thank you man!

  3. Happy Birthday mindy man. All these years and you still have that pic of the purple dildo in your mouth. Have a blessed birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday you bastard!!!! I hope you have a great birthday my UU brother.

  5. No drama pls

    It all comes down to one word "discretion". The length of the ban is primarily left to the discretion of the admin that types !tb.... first. Many times when I would ban a player for 3 or more days, I usually ended up reducing the length for the greater good of the server. So, not really all that different then what Nagini did.
  6. ZAM 2.3.X

    Oh yes, been there done that many many times.
  7. ZAM 2.3.X

    Since I'm the player which currently holds the record for most consecutive first zombie selections at 12 or 13, I certainly welcome the rigged zombie feature. ZAM never seemed to like the initial x in my name. Let me you know when you're ready to expand to the DLC maps, I'm ready to pay for the new server old friend.
  8. new maps?

    There are a few areas you will need to cleanup and remove excessive cades. Good job
  9. Happy Belated Birthday Pat. Hope you had a blessed day.

  10. PUBG; The Lag Is Real.

    Damn, I thought I was the only one. I'm just happy to hear it's not only me.
  11. PUBG; The Lag Is Real.

    Looks like an ID-10-t issue.
  12. OMG......i did it!

    I still remember the stacks Ramsy use to do... Damn, tallest I've ever seen.
  13. Happy Birthday brotha, I hope you have a blessed one. 

  14. ZAM Weekend - April 14th to April 16th

    I just might drop in for a few hours.
  15. New ways to generate revenue for ZAM

    One word: ZAMBO3
  16. What happened to kar98k

    You can remove your foot from his ass now.
  17. I suggest we ban VeRto

    If you posted the proof and we were still admins, it would have been dealt with sooner. Post the proof.
  18. I'm sorry.

    Really.... did it ever occur to you, the reason you fell from UU grace was due to your priorities at the time? When you reassign priorities in your life from tangible interactions (ie family members, friends at school) to intangible (online/virtual relationships), the shift usually creates conflicts in both worlds. Finding a healthy balance between the two is the key to its success. That is one of the main reasons why Classixz decided to retire and pass the baton to Griggs and Gart; he needed to find that balance. In the beginning you had that balance, but quickly lost it. A progression/deterioration that many of us noticed at the time in conversations with you. The point being of my message, don't judge where others place their priorities. Gart placed his where he saw fit.
  19. AI Zombies

    The "description.txt" file will tell you. It's located in the mods/mp_aizombies directory.
  20. AI Zombies

    Quick question, the version of AI Zombies you have, who developed it?
  21. Bye bye

    You'll be back when ZAMBO3 is released. School my ass.
  22. ZAM Translations

    I've started translating some of the more difficult languages using advanced translation software that my department uses for interviews and interrogations. It provides multiple reverse translations to insure the best option is being used. However, it is still time consuming.
  23. ZAM Translations

    classixz, I never received access to edit the file, so I sent you the corrections / suggestions in a PM.
  24. ZAM Translations

    I have a few grammer corrections / suggestions if still interested.