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  1. ZAM Black Ops 3

    Well someone already created Infected mode with mod tools, this got me so hyped since it's close to ZAM. Hopefully we will see a ZAM that surpasses this and brings back the old memories
  2. What happened to me

    I hope you will get well soon bro why didnt u tell me :<
  3. Happy birthday Bren :)

  4. Faith's Videos

    Yo! wait what Faith uploading his second vid just after 2 days away from his first one? Yeah I am on fire! :P I know I shouldn't be making new topics every time I want to share a new vid, so I will leave this topic for that purpose. Anyway I have put some effort with this vid, enjoy :D
  5. Faith's Videos

    Damn it m8 you got me ((((
  6. Faith's Videos

    Hello guys, I decided to do a highlight vid of the last 3 months, enjoy
  7. Just stop.

    Who the fuck gave you permeation to lock other staff members's topics? It's not your topic so stay away if u don't like it -Unlocked
  8. Just stop.

    I don't understand what you mean as it is very clear what she said. She meant everyone should be able to express their opinion, and that no one should talk about other peaple opinions in a bad way.
  9. This has to stop...

    Jesse plz m8, just think of it as if you have a fan boy who likes your name
  10. It was my fold not his fold

    @ShameOnYou Did you even read the post?
  11. Nice profile picture m8

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    2. aShamed


      why do you want a uu pic so badly

    3. NMAPLE12


      Idk just like it

    4. BrEn!


      This is funny, I wanted one so bad but this is harlarious, XD 

  12. Spaghetti and meat balls!

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    2. Faith


      pls no h8 :<

    3. Fade


      Может быть, спагетти и фрикадельки с солью и перцем ???

    4. Gunter


      Позволяет убийство Barac обаму и нагреть его сердце , а затем взять на себя Соединенные Штаты и annihalate гомосексуалистов
  13. Applications

    Hello my friends and my clan mates. As a member of UU I have noticed that there is a lot of tension between the current/new UU members. and I've been hearing a lot of complaints about the current application system as many of the current UU members think the clan is accepting peaple who should not be accepted. So... my suggestion is: We are gonna restore the old application system. HOWEVER the old application system failed because members of the clan were voting Yes/No on peaple who they didnt actually know/played with, for example: "The One Patriot who plays on the US server voted No on Faith who plays mostly on the EU server because he simply does not know him". In the new system we are gonna let the peaple who play on the EU server vote on the peaple who play on the EU server, and the peaple who play on the US server vote on the peaple who play on the US server, this way it would be fair for everyone. So after this poll I dont think anyone should complain about the application system. I hope this solves the current kind of tense situation between the UU members cause I want my clan mates to treat each other as best friends
  14. What I think

    Its actually you who caused this whole situation to evolve into something big when you decided to move the topic to the public Kevin. And I never wanted this situation to end like this because my topic was meant to improve things by voting and democracy.
  15. Applications

    I dont know if you know this Kevin, but usually in "Clan" the ones who decide how others get in the clan are the members of the clan not those willing to join it, that's why it's 100% a case for UU members. And I really don't understand what you mean Kevin, how am I attacking the way you do things when all I did was a make a suggestion + making a Poll to see what everyone thought about the idea...
  16. Applications

    Indeed you can disagree but you shouldn't do it in an offensive/attacking way like you did reply on my topic witch it's only goal was to improve things. +moving the topic to the public just like that is kinda disrespectful to me who wanted this to be between UU members.
  17. Applications

    You are totally wrong there, if you haven't noticed this as someone who is a headadmin, the clan has been splitting a part. Members don't like members and it's like every small group of members has a gang of their own. You are wrong here too, we do know the amount of work you put in these topics that's why I suggested giving the other members the chance of helping you with accepting and not accepting+ in my topic I never mentioned the work you do with the topics as I just suggested a new way to handle things. I don't know if you are talking to me here, but I really don't care who joins the clan since I don't have any problems with anyone, how ever if you check the ShoutBox you would actually know who the current members like or don't like.
  18. Over 10K points KNIFING ONLY

    Next time try doing it against a full server : D
  19. New Limb??

    I already suggested a very balanced limb and I talked about it with the UU members, so as you all know if someone has a limb protector you would need 2 limbs to kill them, how ever if you'd get a "headshot" with ur limb it would be an instant kill (this is for peaple who really think they are good limbers). Small risk, High reward!
  20. Point lending

    I just run around the map placing cades for new peaple/peaple who arent skilled enought to survive. I stop when I see they are capble of cading and surviving alone, I guess that is how you can help new peaple/make new friendships in ZAM. But still a very good idea! Maybe add the "Hacker" device from "Moon".
  21. Banned for cading from limbs on arnlington spot

    Trust me, when they know it bannable they won't do it any more so "more people to ban" is wrong, these spots ruin the fun of playing ZAM anyway.
  22. Banned for cading from limbs on arnlington spot

    Why can't you guys just do it... Just ban all of these spots... None of this will happen then.
  23. Faith's Videos

    That moment when 23 zombies are chasing you... well... there is no deeper love
  24. Hp Time System

    HP is part of the game, and you are gonna have to deal with it, you can see when a zombie has more than 300 hp if you look at the kill feed, so if I were you, I would race the other survivurs for points before the zombies get hp, or you can just Bowie knife, or just use Misty like I do.