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  1. I know how to stop campers

    what's the point with barricade) if no one can't camp or cade ?
  2. camping

    i did not like that we can not cade for 2 minutes after the game starts its better to make a harder camping spots there you must be like 2 - 3 players to camp if you dont like that other players camp why not just go to another server instead make a server you only can run to kill the zombies to them that wants to run to kill zombies in my opinion zam has always been a camper mod now it is just like zem that you can not camp at all you have to run to survive i did like the way you can cade but hard core camping it can be to mutch of it but instead of turn off the cades after 2 minutes the just make camping spots harder to camp so we also can camp and run at same time
  3. ban for rq

    i got banned for rq. 3 times my black ops chrash i restarted my computer 2 times becuse my black ops chrash again and got late in game. when my black ops chrash i always getting black screen that freeze my screen can not quit black ops in desktop so i turned off my computer so i can come fastest as possible in game again and i asked startune that i did get noticed he said no becuse console was down and i telled him that my computer chrash and i never usally dont rq unless my computer chrash honestly i did'nt rq this time.. sorry for my computer chrash.. thanks bloody :)
  4. RIP Cookie

    Woord indy! that is true, my grandpa is over 80 years old. idk when he did start smoking but he said he was young and still lives. But still its bad for your healt when u have smoked for years and getting older u can not even run or walk as u did when u was younger your lunges is going black and full of gas u are actually saving alot of money to quit smoke my granpha told me i must never start smoking becuse u save alot of money in my country to buy smoke in 1 year it will be 11507 in $$ ofc i have smoked cigaretts are so fucking easy to quit i can acually start smoking when evere i want i can stop when ever i want its not hard idc what u guys do but girl that does not smoke they hate the smell of it
  5. About "kuroneko"

    Welcome :) if u are brebe sister he is a Nice guy and hope u are Nice to Hehe :D

    i would prefer boobs instead of anananans ;))
  7. Ban RQ

    that have happend to us all but u said your router was getting fixed but why did u not come back at the same time when u got your wifi fixed ?
  8. Sounds this stupid or what?

    Ikr i was not so mutch active in ts3 bluebird. but sometimes in ts3 i was not online or active but when moon and gunter joined ts3 i also joined and was more an more active but when i had to move i could not go in and speak with players becuse i had not mutch time to speak with anyone becuse i had no time on me
  9. Sounds this stupid or what?

    Startune did u not read my posts or do u not under stand what i am saying ? i knew u since christmas right 2014 or something? I did not Even know your name in 2013 when Zam came up i did leave the game for a while in 2013 i could not Finde the server in the list so i stopped to play for a while and wanted to get since the day i first time played Zam and Its not becuse all of my friends have it ? Its not about power cus it looks cool Its about when the rq log did came out i thinked what is this ? What does this mean ? And i got no info about this system and i wanted to figure out what this is later i see what it is and later it did go away and thinked i wanted to learn this it gave me inspiration to kick and report players and i see the problems that other does not see when it is snakk players on it. Its called rulebreakers and wanted to help the small admins but i did not get the chance to try it out becuse i did not know the commands but now i know and i did apply for moderator/admin before moon and they other but i did not get any responding from anyone
  10. Sounds this stupid or what?

    Thats true indy not everyone are meant to be a (moderator, creator, UU Member,) or what ever but that thing is pissing me off is that u rejected all the people had applied for (UU Member) (except from moon, gunter, once, your friends) and the people u dislike in Zam as i can see is that u and the community only accept people ya'all like when i asked for a chance to get trusted member u said! (u would have me in mind and think about it.) Its not a no and Its not a yes, but not everyone is meant to be (mod, UU Member, admin) well everyone can be it if they are showing who they realy are and they can prove to be a good (mod, admin, or trusted Member, when i asked u for a chance to prove that i also can be good and helping out to Being a good trusted Member but u dident not answer me or some thing like that and set someone other to be trusted members. and moderator when u knew i wanted to be it and show that i can help out and i also asked u where i can buy CC and i want to buy it u said to me it will never happening or something like that and that just lost my respect for you and maby it can change later..? now i gonna go to my realy point what i did say to you i did say this why not just give me a chance to be a trusted member and if i am not good enough u guys could just kick me out of the team if i was not good enough ?
  11. This can sound stupid. But i realy want to take this up but not everyone can get the same things everytime But i have not Been online on ts for a while becuse My ts3 does not working since the day i have played Zam in 2013 i wanted to be appart of the (team UU) but i have always been the (bad player) and i starting to be sick of it and Being hated on Zam is the game i always play becuse Its a good game and old and gold but i have also applied for UU Member in 2014. Just to try and see what happens and nothing happend (Rejected) i was new at this site and i did not how i did post things and pumping all the old posts and from that i got dislike on all the post and feeld like what have i did wrong? i pumped old post and got disliked i have played this site for a long time almost everyday and dreamed about to join the team but when Asked classixz about that i could be a trusted Member and he says that (ask indy ) and i asked him and he says that he will have me in mind and i thought ok thats fine and a good thing and was on ts3 everyday since that day i asked him but later bellucci got trusted Member and i did never see him on ts3 that month he had applied for admin or something and waited for interview but i never saw him on ts but he got trusted Member and that day i have gived up everything iknow the rules of Zam and stuff but i still playing Zam and sometimes i see some new players in zam that can not open shop or cade or buy weapons and all that stuff sometimes is it alot of players in Zam and sometimes is it almost embty for people when i see new players in Zam when Its embty i trying to help them as good as i can so they can play with us and moon and gunter was (the new players) and i did kill them all the time it was so Funny when they get so mad at me but we got friends and used skype and Ida asked me to skype and then startune My best friend could join me and Ida and later did crazybush join us and gunter had a broken computer (to mutch gayporn) we all skyped and talked but later they Joined ts3 and got contact with the (UU) and i had to move to another city had not mutch time to play or talk with My friends so we lost more and more contact with each other and stopped talking. When i had time i wanted to talk with them in ts3 they just dont want to talk with me so later they got in to (UU Member) and then i asked indy again can i be a trusted member ? And he says (no i dont trust you) and i say why ? He says that i am never obj. I play all the time and I'm constantly obj everysingle game sometimes i go to the toilet or i go and take something to drink for 1 minute and i have never been warned or something and sometimes i have had pc or Internett troubled and i getting blamed for rq but i dont do that maby in the start i did rq and did not get what the rules are but everytime i was exiting the game and get banned for rq later i understood why i got 2 days ban and stopped rq in 2014 and i asked indy that why not just give me a chance to try to be a trusted Membe. before i asked indy i did apply for (admin moderator) and i did not get any answer for that (not rejected or wait for interview or accepted) to apply for admin just disaperd. And indy says that they working on rq system and thats fine but i have waited for so long to be apart of the team and wanna help new players and and all that stuff other would do the same thing but that i never get the chance to do a good thing for other people and help them to be better and help other players Being mistreated thanks for My attenition.. If u hate just hate me and come with rude comments just Fuck off! And leave the comment!!
  12. banned as usally

    hehe virus i did buy new router on monday i started it up i and installed it but after few rounds i got 999 in ping and dont know why i usally dont have 999 in ping and did not rq as zombie i was a human when i leaved the game wierd that console did say i rq as human x)
  13. banned as usally

    Yes iknow thanks :) but i dont understand that when i leaved the game i was still human and when i leaved the game in 999 i did not see any zombies behinde me or front of me and i was not a zombie that round and nobody killed me when i got the 999 Ping yes i leaved the game as human not as zombie
  14. banned as usally

    already did thank you :)
  15. banned as usally

    yestarday i was playing for a while i got 999 in ping and i leaved the game as human not as zombie and i srly did got banned for 999 in ping and leave no zombie did not kill me wtf? but i did get banned for rq when i leaved as human ? but am honeslty that i did not rq as zombie when i leaved the game i was still human