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I know how to stop campers


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OK. Zombie annihilation become a real shit for camping guys. But i have idea how to stop this madness. 
 At first. Make thing that will kill people who for the first minute will stand in the same place. You need to add barricade limit, like HP limit for zombies, but it will work only on for 1 minute (this thing can disable barricades shop). 

How it's work: you cant stay on a one place during first minutes of game. Hunters cant put cades and must run. If you will stay on a one place in first minute, count will start from 5 seconds with message MOVE OR DIE. If you dont move during that 5 seconds console kill you.

You can add barricade limit for all the game. It means that every hunter can put max 50 cades. 


Suggest your ideas here how to stop these campers. We must stop that shit

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3 minutes ago, Emberino said:


actually the best thing i heard about ZAM since 1.7.... i think it should be like min cmaping limit: so it work like this: there need to be atleast 7 zombies so you can camp...if there are less than 7 and u stand in 1 palce for more than 10 seconds it kills you...

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AS i have stated no point stopping the camping with rules, add something in place to encourage running. kinda stupid to have 50 max cade limit, if server full you will need a dam lot mroe than 50 to solo camp and stay alive, and sometimes people die rly quickly and you need to cade.

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